Arms to Ukraine caused shortage of weapons for European countries, warns top official


Brussels: The arsenal of EU countries has been empty while giving arms to Ukraine in the war against Russia. Now these countries are under threat to protect themselves. A top European Union (EU) diplomat warned on Monday that now the weapons stockpile in the countries of the NATO organization has been reduced. He explained that this happened because EU member states continued to supply arms and ammunition to Ukraine. The diplomat also urged EU members to better coordinate their spending on military equipment. European countries are already facing threats from Russia. In such a situation, they will have to immediately increase their stock of weapons.

Warned to increase military equipment from European countries
European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said in a debate with European lawmakers that the military stocks of most member states, I would not say, have been exhausted, but significantly reduced, because we are giving the people of Ukraine a lot. Providing more capacity. He said that the number of military equipment will have to be increased again and the best way to do this will be to do it together which is also economical.

How the weapons of European countries were reduced
During a meeting in the Czech Republic last week, EU defense ministers discussed military materials and resources, as well as bulk purchases of weapons such as ammunition and air defense systems that Ukraine currently needs. Is. America is continuously supplying weapons to Ukraine. NATO countries are also making their contribution to support America. Most European countries depend on America for their security. In such a situation, they have kept their weapons stock very limited. This is the reason that due to the supply of weapons to Ukraine, their own reserves are starting to get empty.

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