Police is searching for suspect of knife stabbing incident in canada


Regina (Canada), Sep 5 (AP) Police are searching across the province for suspects who stabbed 10 people to death by stabbing a local ethnic community and another nearby city in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

There are also reports of 15 people getting injured in the stabbing of the suspects. Due to which the ‘James Smith Cree Nation’ had to declare a state of emergency in the state. The incident has left the people of nearby Weldon village in panic.

Ruby Works, a resident of Weldon, said, “No one will be able to sleep peacefully in the city anymore. Now people will be afraid to open the doors of their respective homes.

Police, however, said that the vehicle which is likely to have housed the two suspects has been seen in Regina. The place where the incident took place and where the community members reside is located about 335 km south of Regina.

Regina Police Chief Evan Bray said he still believes the suspects are in Regina.

“If you are in the Regina area, exercise caution and consider taking shelter somewhere,” the RCMP said in a message on Twitter. Do not leave a safe place, do not go near suspicious persons, do not invite any stranger to you and report suspicious persons, emergency situations to the police.

The suspects have been identified as 31-year-old Damien Sanderson and 30-year-old Miles Sanderson.

RCMP Saskatchewan assistant commissioner Rhonda Blackmore said some people were targeted by the suspects, but others were attacked unintentionally. The officer did not provide any details about why the attacks were carried out. However, the head of the ‘Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations’ issued a statement expressing fears that these stabbing incidents may be related to drugs.

Elected leaders of the three communities ‘James Smith Cree Nation’, ‘Chakstayapasin Band’ and ‘Peter Chapman Band’ declared a local emergency and opened two emergency operations centres.

Chakstyapasin chief Calvin Sanderson – who is not related to the suspects – said everyone was affected by the tragic events. Sanderson said, “They were our relatives, friends. It’s so terrifying.”

Bobby Cameron, head of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations, said: “This is the destruction we are facing. Harmful illicit drugs are causing harm to our communities and all authorities are advised to seek instructions from their leaders and councils and their members in order to build safe and healthy communities for our people.

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