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KathmanduIn Nepal, the festival of Dussehra is celebrated by the name of Dashin. This is the biggest festival of Nepal and people shop fiercely on this occasion. The color of the festival to be held in October is expected to fade due to the Chinese lockdown. China blocked the entry of trucks carrying goods into Nepal. These trucks had left for the Dashin festival with the goods. These trucks have been stopped in the Tibet region. The trucks are loaded with clothes, electronic devices, fruits and other items. Now these trucks are not getting permission to enter Nepal itself.

about 400 trucks stuck
Rajkumar Basnet, chairman of the Sindhupalchowk Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nepal, says that the fruits are now rotting. It has been told by the Kathmandu Post that some traders from Nepal had ordered some goods from China before the festival, but now all the goods are stuck on the way. Apples packed in 50 containers are now rotting and will be completely gone in a few days. The apples that were coming to Nepal were Chinese.

The Chinese government has ordered that vehicles carrying goods will not be allowed to enter Lhasa. Due to the ongoing corona virus infection in Tibet, China has declared a lockdown here. China says that for this reason the trucks have not been allowed to enter. It is being told that more than 200 containers have been stopped in Kairong and about 100 containers in Khasa.
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Narad Gautam, head of Tatopani Dry Port Custom Office, said that China has also banned the import of these goods. The lockdown continues in different cities of Tibet since August 8. The outbreak of corona virus has not subsided here yet. A Nepalese businessman Subhash Timilsina has said that Nepalese businessmen who are bringing different types of goods from the northern border of China are facing a lot of problems due to this.

Traders and government officials of Nepal say that there is a possibility that the northern border will not open before the festival. A statement was issued by the Consulate General of Nepal in Lhasa on 22 August. It said that due to the increase in Kovid cases in Tibet, China has imposed lockdown in Lhasa, Shigatse, Nayalam, Kurung and other places. The statement further said that now there is very little chance that these borders will be opened in the coming days.
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On the other hand, there is a continuous request from the authorities of Nepal to China to allow the trucks parked on these borders to proceed following the Kovid safety protocol. Only medical stores and other government offices have been allowed to open during the lockdown. Everything else is closed. The Nepalese officials who are in Lhasa are constantly monitoring this situation.

Naresh Katuwal, who has been the President of Nepal National Business, says that this year also Nepalese businessmen are going to lose billions. They have taken loans from banks to buy this stuff. He said that even if this goods is allowed to come from Guangzhou, China, then the goods will come by sea. In such a situation, it will take about one and a half months to reach Nepal. These goods coming for Dussehra have been stuck at checkpoints for the last three weeks. Goods worth billions of rupees are loaded on the trucks and the heartbeat of the traders has increased.

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