Eow Raids The House Of The Chairman Of The Board Of Education Church Of North India In Jabalpur


The Bureau of Economic Investigation (EOW) on Thursday raided the house of Bishop PC Singh, chairman of The Board of Education Church of North India, in Jabalpur. Cash worth Rs 1.65 crore has been recovered from the house of the bishop. The SBI team counted the notes with a machine, in which crores of rupees were revealed. In addition to Indian rupees, foreign currency has also been found from the house of the Christian cleric. 18,000 US dollars have also been recovered from the Bishop’s house, which has an Indian value of around Rs 14.35 lakh. At present, Bishop PC Singh is in Germany.

According to the information, Bishop PC Singh is accused of embezzlement by preparing a coded document and changing the name of the original society and transferring about Rs. EOW team in his home and office, apart from related documents, documents of total 17 properties, documents related to total 48 bank accounts, cash 1 crore 65 lakh 14 thousand rupees, 18352 dollars, 118 pounds, total eight lakh seventy two thousand gold jewelery have been received.

What was found in the raid on the Bishop’s house

Bishop PC Singh, the Christian cleric of Jabalpur, hails from Bihar. By converting he became a Christian. PC Singh had accepted Christianity during higher education. After which he was sent to Delhi for the education of Pastor. After completing his studies, he came to Jabalpur. Where he remained a father for five years in a church. He became a bishop from his father and after that he embezzled about 2.7 crores by spending money on children’s fees on religious institutions. EOW raids have exposed property worth crores at home.

48 bank accounts found

In the action of EOW, documents related to 17 properties have been found. 48 bank accounts of Bishop and family have been found. Gold jewelery worth Rs 80,72,000 has been found. 9 luxury vehicles like IndieWire Car, Toyota Innova, Mahindra TUV 300, Force Traveler, Hyundai Santro, Discovery, Honda City and Royal Enfield have been found from his house. 32 expensive watches, valuable clothes, 18 thousand dollars, gold jewelery including cash and other items were found. The bishop has two schools in Vijayanagar-Saliwada, while he has three houses in Katanga, Vijayanagar and Napier Town in Jabalpur. Bishop’s son Piyush Paul is the principal of Christ Church Boys School.

The complaint was received by the Economic Offenses Cell, which was investigated by Deputy Superintendent of Police Manjit Singh. In the complaint against Bishop PC Singh, Chairman “The Board of Education Church of North India Jabalpur Diocese” Jabalpur, on the basis of forged documents, changing the name of the original society and misusing the position by becoming its chairman, various educational institutions of the society. There were allegations of embezzlement by using the amount of students’ fees received in the institutions for running religious institutions and for their own use.

During the investigation, the allegations of misappropriation and misappropriation by transferring an amount of about two crore seventy lakh rupees from educational institutions to religious institutions between the year 2004-05 to the year 2011-12 were found prima facie proved. On the basis of the evidence received in the complaint investigation, the accused Bishop PC Singh, B. s. A case of section 406, 420, 468, 471,120B IPC was registered against Solanki, the then Assistant Registrar of Firms and Institutions, Jabalpur and taken up for investigation.

Sub-Inspector Vishakha Tiwari is investigating the matter. During the investigation of the case, in order to collect information about the important documents related to the case and the properties acquired from the amount of embezzlement, the EOW, with a duly search warrant from the court, on Thursday morning, Bishop P.C. Singh’s residence, Bishop House, M.No. Search is being conducted at 2131 Napier Town, Jabalpur and office 2272, Napier Town, Jabalpur.

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