Google is working on a new Android feature called Clear Calling



  • Google is developing a feature called Clear Calling for Android.
  • It will work on most networks to improve the quality of phone calls.

Google is prepping a new Android feature to improve the quality of your carrier calls. Spotted in the latest Android 13 Quarterly Platform Release (QPR1 Beta), it is designed to reduce background noise during regular phone calls.

According to Mishaal Rahman‘s findings, the feature is aptly named “Clear Calling.”

Rahman managed to enable the settings for the feature on his phone manually. They show that Clear Calling will work for calls on most mobile networks. However, it won’t be available for Wi-Fi calling.

The settings page also notes that contents from your calls will not be sent to Google, so you can rest assured your conversations will remain private.

Manually enabled “Clear Calling” settings. Don’t want to bother testing it, but here’s a first look!

The new feature sounds akin to Google Meet’s Noise Cancellation feature that filters out background noises such as typing, closing a door, room echo, or the sounds of a nearby construction site. We’re guessing Google would have trained the feature to also recognize and filter out other types of sounds such as street noises and more for general phone calls.

you can enable Clear Calling on your Android phones right now if you have knowledge of using ADB commands. Once enabled, you can access the toggle for the feature in the Sounds & vibrations menu. However, it’s unclear if it’ll work as intended right now because Google hasn’t made it official.

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