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A detailed look at the Pixel 1 GRID Frame
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The company Grid Studio takes some of the most iconic pieces of technology that impact people’s daily lives, like the Gameboy, iPhone, or Google’s first Pixel phone, and turns them into framed works of art. They’re unique, different, and an excellent way to show your love of tech.

Grid Studio takes these devices, disassembles them into small pieces, separates each component, then neatly packages them into a frame. And right now, the company has slashed the price of its products by up to 43% off for its second anniversary.

Does the original iPod Touch have a special place in your techie heart? If so, Grid Studio has you covered with its iPod collection. We received Grid Studio’s Pixel 1 framed art back in 2021 and absolutely loved it.

These discounts are available now through Sept. 11th, so you only have a few days to decide which part of your nerdy side to showcase on the wall. Not only are these great pieces of art and conversation starters, but it helps reduce e-waste and stop these old relics from ending up somewhere in a landfill.

Basically, these nostalgic products are a great way to put your favorite gadgets on your wall. Grid offers everything from the iPhone 4S, original iPod and iPad, the Pixel 1, Gameboy, and even goods from Nintendo, Microsoft, and Playstation.

There are limited quantities on many of these products, so you better hurry. Head to the Grid Studio website to get started.

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