Pixel Tablet with charging dock appears in latest Android 13 beta


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  • New animations in the latest Android 13 beta have revealed that the Pixel Tablet will indeed come with a docking station.
  • The software also outs a few details about the features of the Pixel Tablet and what it’ll be able to do when docked on its base stand.

The Google Pixel Tablet has been long-rumored to double up as a smart display, Leaks and rumors have previously suggested it would snap into a base of some sort and act like a Google Nest Hub Max, However, there had been no proof of this so-called base stand for the tablet until now.

Thanks to the latest Android 13 beta release for the upcoming quarterly update, we now have concrete evidence of the accessory for the Pixel Tablet.

9to5Google discovered new animations in the Android 13 QPR1 update showing a Pixel tablet sliding into a dock. As soon as the tablet attaches to the base, a charging animation appears on it, followed by the Google Assistant logo and icons for alarm, music, videos, and pictures. All these are functions also found on the Nest Hub.

A separate animation shows a split screen layout on the Pixel Tablet, with a large digital clock on the left and a notification panel on the right.

It seems Google is using the animations to demonstrate how to dock and undock the Pixel Tablet. Unfortunately, we don’t really get to see the design of the dock, so it’s hard to tell how big or small it would be in real life or if it would have any other characteristics like buttons and such.

Meanwhile, the beta software also revealed a few more details about how you may be able to use the Pixel Tablet. You’ll be able to cast music and videos from your phone to the Pixel Tablet without unlocking it first. You’ll also be able to choose from personal photos, curated artwork, clockfaces, and more to show on your screen while your tablet is docked.

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