54 male and female students begin their training journey at “Abu Dhabi Media”


Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

Abu Dhabi Media, the leading public media services company in the United Arab Emirates, announced the launch of its program to nurture Emirati talents and competencies in the media sector. Under the hashtag #media_generations, with the aim of attracting, qualifying and training distinguished cadres of university students in the emirate. Abu Dhabi Media allocated a three-month high-level qualification program for the participants in the initiative, in which the trained students were distributed on all the company’s platforms, according to their academic specializations and talents in the field of media or artistic production. This initiative provides students with the opportunity to develop their abilities and hone their skills, enabling them to enter the labor market through the company’s portal, which is considered a leading media edifice in the region.
The media talent initiative launched by Abu Dhabi Media provides students participating in the program with valuable training opportunities to gain the necessary expertise in the sectors of news, drama, graphics, content industry, creativity, innovation and other areas of media work, in addition to learning about the various career paths offered by Abu Dhabi Media.
The students participating in the initiative, after completing their training program, which conforms to the highest standards and professional practices in the field of training and qualifying students of the media department, will receive a certificate of achievement from Abu Dhabi Media, in addition to giving them priority for future employment, whether in the company’s platforms or with one of its strategic partners. in the media sector.
Abu Dhabi Media organized an introductory day for the students participating in its training program, who represent the UAE University, Zayed University, Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi University and Abu Dhabi Higher Colleges of Technology. Along with the directors of the company’s departments, the trainees were handed their identification cards and training supplies.
In this regard, Haitham Al Kathiri, Acting Executive Director of Abu Dhabi TV Channels Network, said: “Hosting this group of university students specializing in the field of media comes within the framework of the Media Talent Initiative, and in the context of Abu Dhabi Media’s endeavor to embody its mission to achieve the vision of the wise leadership and support the aspirations of the Emirati society. Its values ​​are based on investing in people.
Al Kathiri added that the Media Talent Initiative is one of Abu Dhabi Media’s initiatives as part of its efforts to continue to advance its leadership position and provide media services in a global spirit based on the Emirati national culture, stressing that the company spares no effort to prepare a generation of Emirati cadres capable of leading the sector’s future. The national media and play a pivotal role in the production and development of meaningful, creative and distinguished content.
The first day of the media talent initiative trainees included handing over training files to the students, providing introductory information about Abu Dhabi Media, health and safety procedures, and excerpts from the regulation and professional charter.
It is worth noting that the media talent initiative launched by Abu Dhabi Media aims to attract, qualify and train distinguished cadres of university students in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and then secure job opportunities for creative people among them, who pass the final stages and prove their worth and ability to join the labor market, as Abu Dhabi Media provides opportunities He worked in many media disciplines as well as in cooperation with partners in some sectors.

Open sessions and meetings
Over the past months, Abu Dhabi Media organized several sessions and open meetings with university students in Abu Dhabi, and selected 54 students out of 202 who applied to participate in the program, which led to the best students from five universities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi reaching the final stage. The selection process included conducting a set of preliminary tests organized by the Television Department in Abu Dhabi for Media, such as auditions in the fields of acting and television presentation, and presentation of technical skills in editing, graphic and directing, and other media skills. The committee assigned by the Television Department was keen, during its visits to universities, to get acquainted with students who wish to join the training program closely, and to determine their capabilities and skills through direct presentations presented on university theaters and to send samples of their work. minute.

Empowerment and Competitiveness
Dr. Ahmed Al-Mansoori, Head of the Media and Creative Industries Department at the UAE University, thanked Abu Dhabi Media for providing this exceptional training opportunity for media students at the university, noting that the department was keen to invite distinguished students to join this program. He stressed that the Department of Media and Creative Industries at the UAE University, and within the framework of partnership and cooperation with the leading media institutions in the country, is interested in engaging students in various extra-curricular training opportunities, in order to enable them with the media skills required for the media labor market in the country, which is witnessing intense competition due to the market’s need for high competencies and skills. for those who submit it. In turn, the students of the Media and Creative Industries Department at the UAE University expressed their happiness to join this distinguished training program, looking forward to making the most of this opportunity and honing their media talents.

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