A coach scratches the modesty of a young player with flirting messages via “Instagram”


The Dubai Criminal Court convicted an (Asian) tennis coach, who stalked a (16-year-old) player who was training with him, through two social media applications, “Facebook” and “Instagram”, and directed her indecent expressions, as he asked her to be his girlfriend and meet him. outside the stadiums, and inappropriately talked to her about her weight, and flirted with her, and threatened to go to her house to meet her, waving that no one could stop him.

The victim said in the Public Prosecution’s investigations, that her father joined her in a tennis club, and the accused trained her, pointing out that she was surprised by him chasing her through the “Facebook” and “Instagram” applications, to the extent that he sent more than 10 messages a day, including Voice messages flirting with her, telling her that he will go to her house to meet her, and he will see who can stop him.

By asking the accused in the arrest report and the prosecution’s investigations, he stated that he works as a tennis coach, and that the girl is training with him, based on communicating with her through social media applications, expressing his admiration for her, and his desire to be her friend, so she banned him on the “Instagram” application, but he continued to pursue her through her sister. Expressing his admiration for her.

The accused retracted his statements before the court and submitted a memorandum seeking the verdict of his innocence, and after examining the case, the criminal court concluded his conviction, noting in the merits of the ruling that the evidence from the papers that the accused was exposed to the victim in a face that infringed her modesty, through the social networking site “Instagram”. , using phrases from a sample that he is asking to be her boyfriend, and he wants to meet her outside the scope of his work, in addition to threatening her without this being accompanied by a request.

She explained that the messages sent by the accused are contrary to public morals, as the victim is 16 years old, and there is no legal link between them, regardless of what he said during the investigations that he loves her.

The court indicated that the accused confessed in detail to what was attributed to him in the arrest report and the investigations of the Public Prosecution, and the court was reassured of the integrity of his confession, which came from a free and conscious will. Which led to annoyance and arouse fear in herself.

She stated that the foregoing confirms the availability of the elements of the crime of exposure to a female in a manner that offends her modesty, as defined by law, as well as the crime of unaccompanied threat, and the court refused to deny the accused during the court session, considering that it is merely an attempt to evade criminal responsibility, and an attempt to escape punishment, and accordingly The court imposed a fine of 2000 dirhams on him.

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