In his first address as monarch, charles said queen elizabeth lived life well


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London, Sep 9 (PTI) Queen Elizabeth’s son and successor, King Charles III, said in his first televised address as monarch to the bereaved nation on Friday evening that the Queen lived her life to the fullest.

He expressed his “deep sorrow” by thanking his “beloved mama” for her “love, affection, guidance and example”. The Royal Family and the nation are in mourning following the death of the Queen.

In his address, the 73-year-old monarch pledged to serve Britain, its territory and the Commonwealth with loyalty and dedication. Charles said, “Queen Elizabeth lived life well, destiny took its course, and I am deeply saddened by the passing of the Queen.” Today I once again make that promise of lifelong service to all of you.

Charles also declared his son and successor Prince William as Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall in his address.

His speech was recorded in the afternoon at Buckingham Palace’s Blue Drawing Room. It was broadcast after a minute’s silence at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Emperor Charles III and his wife Queen Consort Camilla greet a crowd gathered outside Buckingham Palace in London and hold their first meeting with Prime Minister Liz Truss.

Emperor Charles, who took the throne after the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II, returned from Balmoral Castle in Scotland on Thursday and offered his condolences to an emotional crowd.

The royal couple entered their new home at Buckingham Palace to applause and public enthusiasm. Buckingham Palace said Charles would be formally proclaimed king at the coronation council at 10 a.m. local time on Saturday at the State Apartments of St James’s Palace.

This will be the first time in British history that the coronation ceremony will be televised. However, Charles has already begun discharging royal duties and discussed the Queen’s funeral with the newly appointed Prime Minister Truss during their first formal meeting. The meeting took place just before his first televised address to the nation as monarch.

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