Parents’ vehicles cause traffic jams


The administrations of private schools in the Emirate of Fujairah and the Eastern Region confirmed that they allocate a number of their employees in order to instruct parents to stop in the places designated for them to prevent any traffic confusion, noting that large numbers of parents prefer to transport their children through private vehicles, instead of relying on school buses, which is a major cause of daily traffic congestion.

Citizens and residents in the Eastern Province demanded finding radical solutions to reduce traffic congestion, and the accumulation of vehicles in the internal streets leading to private and government schools and in front of the neighboring houses.

They pointed out that the lack of awareness of some parents of the importance of proper parking in the places designated for them causes daily obstacles to them, especially when they go to work and return home almost daily, during weekdays.

In addition, a number of students’ parents justified the reasons for the traffic congestion in front of their children’s schools by the lack of available parking spaces, especially private schools that are satisfied with limited parking only, in addition to the high fees for school buses that force them to prefer transporting their children to and from school. A parent of four students in different stages of study at a private school, Nashwa Muhammad, stated that she preferred to deliver her children on a daily basis, despite her connection to work, because the timing of the arrival of the school bus in front of her house did not suit her, and caused her children to be tired, especially in the winter, as they arrive At 6:00 am, although it only takes half an hour to reach the school, adding that the congestion caused by private vehicles is caused by not allocating enough parking, and reserving the majority of it for the administrative and educational staff.

And her opinion was supported by the guardian of a student at a government school in the Emirate of Fujairah, Muhammad Ahmed Al Balushi, saying that “the proximity of a number of government schools may be one of the reasons that cause daily congestion in internal streets only,” stressing that some parents whose children study in A private school makes a stop at the nearby public school parking lot, causing traffic jams.

For her part, an administrator at a private school in the Emirate of Fujairah, Aisha Muhammad, confirmed the guiding role that the school plays at the beginning of each academic year, for parents who choose to transport their children through their own vehicles, and the need to follow traffic regulations and not violate them, and to stress them in the morning before arrival School buses, as well as before students go out in the evening, and stop their vehicles in the places designated for them instead of the crowding that occurs as a result of their arrival at the time of students leaving school.

A traffic officer at a private school in the Emirate of Fujairah, who preferred not to be named, confirmed that a large number of parents prefer to transport their children in private vehicles instead of school buses, which causes crowding in front of the school, and their wrong stop in places not designated for them, including the gate School buses, and in front of the houses next to the school, indicating that some parents lack sufficient awareness of the need to stop correctly for the safety of everyone.

He said that reducing the transportation of students through private vehicles will solve the problem of traffic congestion in front of schools, noting that the school has been provided with additional buses to transport students in order to reduce the number of private vehicles and contribute to finding the best solutions that suit the safety of students.

On the other hand, the Department of Patrols and Traffic in Fujairah Police confirmed the deployment of traffic patrols to all educational institutions in the emirate, noting that it launched an awareness campaign for a period of three months, aimed at enhancing traffic awareness among individuals and students, represented in educating drivers and parents about the causes of traffic accidents. The campaign also aims to develop positive behavior among school students of different age groups, and to identify the most important traffic rules that protect them from road hazards, such as safe crossing from places designated for pedestrian crossing, and the etiquette of sitting in the back seats. The vehicle, school bus boarding instructions, providing children with knowledge of traffic signals, and urging them to abide by them, for their own safety.

The Commission is keen on diversifying the methods of purposeful and systematic monitoring of private educational institutions.

Reducing the transportation of students through private vehicles, will solve the problem of traffic congestion in front of schools.

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