Queen Elizabeth Tea Bag | Used ‘teabag’ of Queen Elizabeth II is being auctioned, you will be surprised to know the price


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New Delhi : Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday at the age of 96 after a reign of 70 years. After which the tea bag used by the Queen is now being auctioned. After hearing this, you might be thinking that who will buy the used teabag after all, but even more than that, you will be surprised to know its price.

Why is the teabag being auctioned?

In fact, after the death of Queen Elizabeth, the teabags used by her are being auctioned to celebrate her 70-year reign. Not only that, but they are also auctioning unusual items used by them. Let us tell you that it is being claimed about this teabag that it was allegedly smuggled from Windsor Castle in 1998.

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What is the cost of teabag?

According to the information, the queen’s teabag is being sold for more than 12 thousand dollars i.e. around 95 lakh rupees. People are surprised to know the auction price of teabags. Several other strange listings have also appeared on eBay after the Queen’s death.

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