100 horses for Dubai Police.. to pursue wanted persons in confined spaces


Dubai Police are circulating in the streets of the emirate, 100 horses belonging to the Cavalry Police Station, at different times, to contribute to enhancing security and the participation of police patrols in their work in spreading reassurance among people.

Each of them has a passport that contains her personal and health data, and her achievements throughout her career.

The tasks of horse patrols range from checking suspects and abandoned vehicles, securing sports facilities, and being able to walk in difficult narrow spaces on “vehicles” patrols.

Its rehabilitation methods also vary, including riot control horses, therapeutic training horses, endurance racing horses and obedience horses.

The Director of the Cavalry Police Station, Major General Dr. Expert Muhammad Issa Al-Adb, says that Dubai Police is one of the oldest police agencies that have used horses in their work since the seventies of the last century, and has received international recognition from the British Horse Organization for its application of the latest work systems in the field of training trainers at the center and training horses. Applying the latest human resources and occupational safety systems in various departments and divisions.

The center serves a major strategic goal, which is to reduce crime, given its effective roles and tasks in arresting suspects and wanted persons, and the ability of its patrols to walk in confined spaces, which the “vehicles” patrols cannot reach, in addition to its contribution to enhancing individuals’ sense of safety and reassurance with its tours in Jurisdiction areas, industrial, commercial and tourist areas.

In addition to its previous duties, the Cavalry Police Station undertakes the tasks of checking suspects and suspicious and abandoned vehicles, securing sports facilities, training and qualifying jockeys, candidates and newcomers, and providing remedial training for people of determination.

The center conducted 1182 cavalry patrols in various areas of jurisdiction of police stations, industrial, commercial and tourist areas between the beginning of this year and the beginning of last August, in addition to its other tasks, where it arrested 71 wanted persons at the level of police stations, 915 vehicles wanted by criminal and traffic, and issued 352 violations.

Regarding the most important cases seized by the center, Al-Adab said that two officers from the center suspected a car that was moving in a suspicious manner during an inspection tour in the area of ​​jurisdiction of the Rashidiya police station, so they decided to check it in the federal traffic system, only to discover that its specifications did not match the specifications of the car that it is supposed to carry. The number of the plate on it, which is registered in the traffic system, indicating that they tried to stop the car, but the driver refused to comply with the orders and sped off.

The two officers contacted the Command and Control Center, and the car was circulated, and the patrols followed it up, until they were able to stop it and arrest three Asians in it.

The police seized tools used in theft crimes in the car.

Deputy Director of the Cavalry Police Station, Major Dhahi Al Jallaf, says that the center owns 100 qualified and highly trained horses, and each horse has a passport containing his personal and health data and his achievements throughout his career.

And he indicated that the center has veterinarians and a crew of nurses to take care of horses, treat them from injuries, follow up their health, protect them from diseases, ensure their safety before going to the field, and prepare schedules for immunization against diseases and others, which leads to enhancing the horses’ ability and efficiency in their performance in various tasks, and enhances the continuity of their service for longer years. Which is what the medical staff is keen to do to the fullest.

He said that among the most important achievements of the Cavalry Police Station during the last period were the smart helmet, the armored horse training, the bicycle for training horses, and the massage saddle for people of determination.

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