A new era and government in Britain


A new era and government in Britain

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Nothing is left to chance. The queen dies long live the king. The organized succession plan was drawn up decades ago in all its stages, and it was constantly updated and with a constant review of the smallest details.

King Charles III waited for a long time for the fate of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who outlived all her predecessors on the British throne, and left with a huge valuable legacy that deserved praise from within and from all over the world. She did not interfere in matters of politics, big or small, as her position in the system presumed, but she did get what pleased her in big affairs.

The new monarch will not depart from this tradition, especially since he is aware that until her death the wisdom of his mother contributed to keeping the parts of the United Kingdom truly united, and he has a duty to maintain this situation, despite the difficulties on the horizon, whether as a result of the policies of successive governments or as a result of emerging and globalized crises. One of the first tasks of the new king is to visit the four regions of his kingdom, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, which Charles has repeatedly done as Prince and Crown Prince, but this time he will feel the responsibility in a different way when he sees the features of the crisis in its domestic and external dimensions. The demand for secession has grown in Scotland since the last referendum (2014) which kept it in the union by a small but sufficient percentage, and any referendum approved by London in 2023 could lead to a critical outcome. Before “Brexit” and especially after it, the idea of ​​Scottish independence brewed, most of whom voted against leaving the European Union and aspired to join it, after independence.

But the idea still divides them, and the king himself is believed to have played a key role in resolving it, as he is interested in preserving the United Kingdom. Wales does not demand independence, but it has been affected by the consequences of “Brexit”, as well as Northern Ireland because its association with Britain (separated from the European Union) means the establishment of “border” between it and the Republic of Ireland (remaining in the Union), and this is a threat to the peace agreement that ended its civil war (1998). ).

As for Britain’s acceptance of a special status for Northern Ireland, it compels it to abandon those “borders” and keep it, even partially, in the European customs union, and this is a violation of the terms of “Brexit” and the constants of the British Union. Here, too, the king has a role to play without interfering with the executive authority or being under the spotlight.

It was destined for Queen Elizabeth to appoint the new Prime Minister “Liz Terrace” on the eve of her departure, to coincide with Britain’s transition from era to era and from government to government, with a difficult internal situation that “Terres” described as a “storm” as well as “dangerous global winds.”

The challenges facing the new leader of the Conservative Party are not different from those faced by Western countries, but all countries, albeit to varying degrees, from the economic and health repercussions of the “Corona” pandemic, in addition to the energy and cost of living crises as a result of the Ukraine war, in addition to the duality of torrential rains and drought that formed The most prominent manifestations of climate change.

With regard to Britain, the concealed one is also referred to, that is, the effect of “Brexit” on the economy, as the exit from the European Union was not orderly, although negative expectations were clear, and then the pandemic prevented it from being controlled and corrected.

Terrace hopes that its initial measures will quell public discontent over the high cost of living, but its other bets may clash with the agendas of its party leaders. While it had introduced legislation to abolish Northern Ireland’s “special status” under the “Brexit” agreements, it received two early warnings from the European Union and Washington, and the latter said that undermining that agreement spoils the enabling environment for trade talks between the United States and Britain.

*Political Analyst – London

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