Drivers stop in the middle of the road to prove the cause of “minor accidents”


The General Department of Traffic in Dubai Police warned of a serious violation that usually results in fatal accidents, which is “standing in the middle of the road without justification”, noting that during the past year it resulted in the death of eight people, and the injury of 21 others, most of which ranged between severe and medium.

Deputy Director of the General Traffic Department, Brigadier Juma bin Suwaidan, told “Emirates Today” that many drivers stop in the middle of the road when “minor accidents” occur to their vehicles, to prove that the other party is the cause of the accident, pointing out that Dubai Police do not Make every effort to limit the commission of such violations, due to their great danger, whether through continuous awareness, deterrence, and monitoring of violators.

He added that 7,600 violations were issued during the first half of this year, while 11,565 violations were issued last year.

He pointed out that standing in the middle of the road without justification resulted, during the first half of this year, in five accidents, resulting in three deaths and nine injuries of varying degrees.

Bin Suwaidan explained that the General Traffic Department is constantly keen to analyze the causes of traffic accidents to develop the necessary solutions to avoid them, noting that “in view of the statistics, we note that the total human losses resulting from accidents that occur due to unjustified parking in the middle of the road, whether deaths or injuries, More than the number of accidents themselves.

He pointed out that 11 accidents occurred as a result of this violation during the past year, but it caused the death of eight people and the injury of 21 others.

Five accidents occurred during the first half of this year, resulting in the death of three people and the injury of nine others.

He added that by examining traffic accident experts for some serious accidents that occurred on the highways due to this violation, it was found that there are several scenarios for them, including the vehicle being subjected to a minor accident in the middle of the road, and the driver leaving it to inspect the damage resulting from the accident, which causes him to run over. of vehicles coming from behind.

Also, among the frequent cases, the vehicle stops in the middle of the road as a result of a malfunction or a technical malfunction, or it runs out of fuel, or because of a minor accident, and the driver’s insistence on sitting in it waiting for the patrols to arrive, which makes his car vulnerable to collision from other vehicles coming from behind.

He added that the Dubai Police indicated the measures that must be taken in the event of an emergency that led to the stopping of the vehicle in the middle of the road, the first of which is the use of side alert signals, and the movement of the vehicle away from the road, if it is possible to move it, taking into account taking caution and caution against vehicles coming from behind to avoid collision or confusion. its drivers.

If the driver is unable to move the vehicle away from the road, he must use the warning signs that indicate he has stopped, and place the warning triangle behind it with a sufficient distance to alert the drivers coming from behind, and then leave the vehicle completely and head off the road after calling the police.

He stressed that the Dubai Police responds immediately to any communication about the occurrence of such emergency situations, and the patrols arrive within a record time to take the necessary precautionary measures to protect road users, whether they are passengers of the parked car, or those coming from behind, noting that the accident occurs in seconds and the driver must protect himself and others to take the necessary precautions if his vehicle stops for any reason.

Brigadier-General Juma bin Suwaidan said that “the liberation of this violation is conditional on the fact that standing is not justified, and this in itself reflects the nature of this behavior and its repercussions,” noting that “this culture must change because the perpetrators cannot be tolerated. Therefore, Dubai Police is keen to raise awareness of its dangers, and ways to avoid its consequences if parking is an emergency.”

He added that “the problem sometimes lies in the insistence of some drivers to stop in the middle of the road when they have minor accidents, simply because they want to prove that they are not responsible for the accident, and they cause serious accidents.”

He pointed out that the registration of 7,600 violations during the first half of this year and 11,565 violations during the past year, reflects the lack of awareness by many drivers of the dangers of unjustified parking in the middle of the road, explaining that it is possible to imagine the force of a vehicle traveling at its normal speed colliding with a fixed heavy object, such as another car. parked.

He added that the risks of this violation are increasing on the highways, appealing to drivers not to be nervous or to act nervously in the event of any emergency on the highway, and to move from one lane to another calmly while giving the necessary warning signals, until they stop outside the precincts of the road far enough from the nearest lane on the road He stressed the importance of conducting periodic maintenance for vehicles, especially tires, as they are one of the main causes of vehicle breakdown and sudden stop.

• “Stopping in the middle of the road” resulted in the death of 3 people.. Dubai Police issued 7600 violations within 6 months.

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