Intensive activity for private tutoring teachers at the beginning of the academic year


The market for private tutoring in the UAE is witnessing a boom at the beginning of each new academic year, as many families allocate a monthly budget for it throughout the school year, to become, as some educators describe it, as “parallel education for schools”, given the fatigue of families’ budgets annually.

“Emirates Today” has monitored an increase in the number of advertisements for private lessons on social networking sites and “groups” of mothers in “Facebook” and “WhatsApp”, since the start of the current academic year two weeks ago.

The announcements confirmed the readiness of their owners to give private lessons to school students in all grades, while distance teaching centers continued to compete with traditional teachers, especially after they occupied a large area of ​​the private tutoring market during the “Covid-19” pandemic.

Teachers and administrators in public and private schools confirmed that with the beginning of each academic year, the promoters of private lessons live in a state of activity at the state level, by publishing advertisements on social media, in addition to paper advertisements in front of the entrances to buildings and mosques, to promote themselves, stressing that the lessons are Privacy has become a “chronic disease” in the structure of the educational system, holding students’ families responsible for the spread of private lessons, as they are the reason for the demand for them and the lack of seeking for their children to obtain academic support formally and legally, as regulations and laws stipulate the schools’ commitment to provide additional academic support for students who are behind in school.

The teachers, Muhammad Tawfiq, Mustafa Abd al-Radi, Nawara al-Fouli and Suhaila Fadi, believed that students’ families often resort to these lessons in the belief that they raise their children’s academic rates and help them understand, in addition to removing them from their responsibility to follow their children academically, noting that this belief is wrong, The evidence for this is that the top 12 and the majority of the outstanding students did not receive private lessons, and relied for their superiority on organizing time, following up on the teacher in the classroom, regularity in daily study and not delaying it.

Teachers Rabab al-Sayed, Walid Hefzy and Amal Muhammad confirmed that the largest percentage of private tutoring teachers do not practice the profession of teaching in any school, and some of them work in other jobs such as engineering and accounting, and practice teaching to increase income and achieve quick profits, in addition to a large percentage of students have become Participate in “online” private lessons groups from outside the country.

“Emirates Today” monitored the spread of advertisements for remote private lessons centers, which provide their services from outside the country, and allow the student to choose the teacher, his nationality and the most appropriate time for classes, in addition to individual advertisements for teachers of Arab nationalities, whose pages on social networking sites showed their residence outside the country, and some of them did not He works in the field of teaching, and these centers provided free classes to ensure the efficiency of teachers. It also allows the participant the freedom to request a change of teacher, register the class and allow the student to enter through his account to the center’s website, and view it for an unlimited number of times, to ensure review and benefit.

On the other hand, the families of the students, Ahmed Darwish, Muhammad Mukhtar, Diaa Al-Nashar, Hoda Bakri and Asmaa Muwafi, attributed the spread of the phenomenon of private lessons to the absence of follow-up between the family and the school regarding the performance of students inside the school, as schools prevent students with direct contact with teachers, in addition to the decline The educational level in many schools, and the professional level of many teachers because of the job burdens assigned to them, which are beyond the scope of their basic tasks, pointing out that private lessons have become a problem that troubles families and drains their budgets.

They pointed out that booking private lessons appointments begins two weeks before the beginning of the school year, especially for 12th graders, so that students can catch up with well-known teachers before completing their schedule.

Prices vary according to the number of students and the location of the lesson. Transportation fees are added to the price.

They explained that «the prices of lessons differ from one teacher to another, as some of them take 200 dirhams per class. In the event that the student wishes to obtain a private lesson alone, the price doubles, to reach 500 dirhams, or more,” noting that the students’ resort to involving their children with more than one teacher in the same subject, believing that this doubles the achievement of their children and increases the level of understanding.


• «The top 12 of the 12th grade and the majority of the outstanding students did not receive private lessons».

Lesson costs

Students’ families reported that they are trying to reduce the costs of private lessons and face the high prices of private tutors in each subject separately, by hiring an English language teacher to teach the subjects to their children for a comprehensive sum of money ranging between 1500 and 2000 dirhams per month, while they follow up on Arabic and Islamic education lessons. with their children.

Others indicated that they drive the teacher home themselves to reduce the cost of lessons, as a minimum of 50 dirhams is added to the taxi fare for each home class.

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