Pakistan will break the main highway to save cities from drowning, floods caused uncontrollable



Pakistan suffered a loss of $ 30 billion due to tragedy
466% more rainfall over average in southern province of Sindh, Pakistan’s Sindh
At least 1,391 people lost their lives due to floods

Islamabad, Pakistan, which is facing floods due to climate change, has now decided to break its main highway to save cities. According to a news by news agency Reuters, officials have planned to break the Indus highway, a major transport link of the country to prevent water flow and floods in Dadu city of southern Pakistan. According to the report, there are at least three points in Dadu district where the Indus highway is completely submerged, while other highways of Pakistan connecting north and south have also been badly affected by flood waters.

On the decision to break the main highway, Dadu District Commissioner Syed Murtaza Ali Shah said that all other flood -affected parts of the country are going to the rehabilitation phase, but Dadu is still submerged in water. Because of this, the administration is considering breaking the highway to remove water. Further Shah said that 90% of the district is submerged, Dadu city is still in flood. However, the United Nations including the country around the world has also increased the help of flood -plated Pakistan.

466% more rainfall than average in Sindh

In July and August, work started on assessing Pakistan’s needs to develop the reconstruction scheme after the disaster after 391 mm (15.4 in) rainfall) in the country, or about 190% more than the average of 30 years. have make. The southern province of Sindh received 466% more rainfall than the average and most of the flood water passes through Dadu district with a population of 1.5 million.

1,391 people lost their lives

The floods due to record monsoon and melting of glaciers in the north of Pakistan have affected more than three crore people in which at least 1,391 people have lost their lives. Pakistan estimates that the loss costs $ 30 billion, and both the government and United Nations Secretary -General Antonio Guterres have blamed climate change for floods, extra weather and resulting destruction.

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