Siya Movie Review: Don’t only the stars walk in the stories in Hindi cinema…? Watch this movie for answer


Siya Movie Review: Producer-turned-director Manish Mundra’s film ‘Siya’ is going to release in theaters on 16 September. Manish has also written this film of Mundra’s production house Drishyam Films. Manish has earlier produced films like ‘Masaan’, ‘Aankhon Dekhi’ and ‘Newton’. But as a director, through ‘Siya’, he is bringing his vision to the screen for the first time. Pooja Pandey and Vineet Kumar Singh are seen in ‘Siya’. While Pooja is on screen for the first time, Vineet has earlier appeared in films like ‘Mukkabaaz’, ‘Saand Ki Aankh’ and web series like ‘Rangbaaz’. Today, in the midst of flopping films, the question is being raised again and again whether there is a lack of good content in Hindi cinema..? Are we keeping the stories behind and the stars ahead..? In such a situation, ‘Siya’ alone has come to the fore as the answer to many of these questions. Let me tell you why I said this…

Siya is the story of a 17-year-old girl, Sita Singh, who is gang-raped. Not one but that too for several days. Sita, who lives in Devganj, suddenly disappears from her house. In such a situation, Mahendra (Vineet Kumar Singh), the father of Sita’s family, and Sita’s poor parents go to the police station to get an FIR about her disappearance, but the police officer of the upper caste does not consider the complaint of these people to be worth paying attention to. But when a local news paper publishes the news of the loss of this girl in its newspaper, then at the behest of a leader, the police start searching for her.

Producer Manish Mundhra has made ‘Siya’ for the first time while taking charge of the direction and for this first film he has chosen a serious and very serious subject like rape. It has to be praised Manish that he has brought a beautiful film on screen in his very first attempt at direction. ,The way the story of ‘Siya’ brings out the horrors of a crime like rape on screen, it will leave you restless. Often the screen of cinema is called ‘Ruphala’ but there is nothing ‘Ruphala’ in this Manish Mundra film. Rather, such black ink of society, system and politics will be seen scattered all around on the screen that you will be filled with a strange restlessness. Now it can also be called the negative aspect of this film that this film does not bring anything silver, elegant or hopeful to the screen. If you go to the cinema to see this film in the cinema, then this film is not for you.

In ‘Siya’, neither any loud background music has been given to enhance or show the horror of any situation or scene nor the running angles of some cameras. The amazing thing is that in this film showing the story of ‘rape’, not a single scene related to it was shown on screen. But every emotion and pain that comes with rape, like pain, restlessness, horror, mental anguish, has been put on screen. In the background of every scene, from the sound of a peacock tied around the neck of a buffalo to the sound of a peacock, everything will be heard slowly in such a way that you may be deceived that you are in the same environment, but just keep looking at it and get distracted but can’t do anything.

In fact, today the scale of the success of films is being decided on the basis of its ‘collection’. But ‘Siya’ starring Pooja Pandey and Vineet Kumar Singh is the film that will work to take the cinema a step further. Pooja Pandey is seen as an actress on screen for the first time, but the beauty with which she has brought this character on screen, she is commendable. Even after being the victim of this heinous crime, when Siya demands ‘justice’, then Pooja’s success as an actress can be clearly seen on screen. On the other hand, Vineeti Kumar Singh is seen as a character in Mahendra’s character, which can only be seen. Vineet’s character is a lawyer working in Rotary, who stands shoulder to shoulder in the fight of ‘We want justice’ against this wrong, but neither he is crying anywhere, nor does he have any intention to bring revolution. He is simply comfortable, as easy as Mahendra from Devganj can be. 4 stars to this movie from my side.

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