Jharkhand: Naxalites In The Reach Of Crpf And Security Forces Naxal Operations


Such Naxal-affected areas of Jharkhand, where Maoists had spread their feet for decades, have now been reached by CRPF and other security forces. A senior officer associated with the operation in the CRPF headquarters claims that there is no such area left under the influence of Naxalites in Jharkhand, which is outside the purview of the CRPF. The ‘Budha Pahar’ area of ​​Jharkhand, which has been a big bastion of Naxalites, has also been demolished. ‘CRPF’ and Jharkhand Police are setting up camp here. Recently, CRPF had started ‘Operation Octopus’ to drive out the Naxalites from here. Naxalites fled from places like Jhinkpani, Pipardhab and Pundag etc. Somewhere the ‘love angle’ and the supply chain of logistics and other materials, destroyed by the security forces, has been the reason for the elimination of top Naxalites.

Vimal Yadav surrenders with girlfriend

Budha Pahar in Jharkhand is being told as the last fort of Naxalites. Naxalites had kept their feet here for many years. Reaching this secure stronghold has been a major challenge for the security forces. Seven-eight years ago, the Naxalites had declared ‘Budha Pahar’ as the headquarters of the Jharkhand-Bihar and North Chhattisgarh Frontier Area Special Committee. The slain Naxalite commander Arvind, who had a reward of one crore rupees, had made ‘Budha Pahar’ his hideout with a great strategy. A training center has also been set up here. After the death of Arvind, Sudhakaran was given the command of the old mountain. When Sudhakaran surrendered due to pressure from the security forces, the Naxalite and top commander Vimal alias Radhe Shyam Yadav, who was rewarded with Rs 25 lakh, got the responsibility of Budha Pahar. The security forces found out through intelligence that Vimal had fallen in love with a girl living in Pipardhab area of ​​Chhattisgarh. New strategy of security forces started. The top leadership of the Maoists reduced the stature of Vimal Yadav and the command of Budha Pahar was given to Mithilesh Mehta. Last year Hardcore Naxalite Vimal Yadav surrendered before the security forces along with his girlfriend.

Union Home Minister taking regular reports

CRPF Headquarters officials say that Union Home Minister Amit Shah is taking regular reports of Naxal-affected areas. Where the security forces’ camp has been established, how many hardcore Naxalites are left and the status of the operation, etc., etc. After the arrival of CRPF and local police in the Naxal affected areas of Jharkhand, now the focus will be on the areas of Chhattisgarh. The influence of Maoists continues in many areas including Bastar. IG ‘Operation’ Rajiv Singh says, the way the security forces have made their reach in Jharkhand, similarly the Maoists will be driven out from other Naxal-affected states. Mining has been the main source of income for the Naxalites. Now this has been stopped to a large extent. After the arrival of the security forces, the Naxalites are given a befitting reply at the mining site. This created a money crisis. Second, their supply chain is being disrupted. As a result, many Naxalites have started surrendering. The CRPF is getting the big advantage of its strong ‘intelligence’ system.

Security forces and local people helping each other

According to IG Rajeev Singh, a camp is now being set up in the Budha Pahar area. There are many villages here, where people have not seen development. Now government schemes will be able to come here. Roads, schools, medical facilities and employment will raise the standard of living of the people. Here the security forces and the local people are helping each other. The CRPF has provided TV in the village. Radios have also been distributed elsewhere. Soon work will also start regarding medical aid and education. When the camp is being built, the local people have got employment. When other government departments start working here, they will get more employment. Six infamous Naxalites have surrendered this year due to the heavy siege of the security forces in the areas of Bihar. Among them, a reward of Rs 5 lakh and Area Commander Arjun Koda, Zonal Commander Baleshwar Koda, Nageshwar Koda and two other Naxalites had surrendered.

Operation ‘Double Bull and Octopus’ broke the back of Naxalites

Operation Double Bull was carried out in the Bulbul forest on the Latehar-Lohardaga border earlier in the year. After this, Operation Octopus was started on the old mountain. The CRPF Cobra had forced the Naxalites hiding in the inner part of the dense forests of ‘Bulbul’ village of Lohardaga district to come out. Top Naxalites were hiding in that area. Many zonal and sub zonal commanders were also involved in them. There were 14 encounters in the ‘Operation’ that lasted 18 days. 16 ‘IEDs’ were recovered from the encounter area. 14 hardcore Naxalites armed with 196 detonators and 28 lethal weapons were nabbed. More than a hundred IEDs including Chinese grenades were recovered in Operation Octopus.

Naxalites were looking to harm 1200 soldiers

In the dense forests of Gaya and Aurangabad, the ‘Cobra’ squad forced the Naxalites to leave their hideout and flee. For several days in this area, Naxalites were looking for a major attack on the security forces. In February, CRPF had set up a FOB ‘Forward Operating Base’ here. The Naxalites knew that the Cobra squad was conducting a major operation here. When the Naxalites felt that they were now surrounded on three sides, they decided to run away leaving ammunition, 500 detonators, 1000 IEDs (Improvised Explosive Device), pressure bombs, can IEDs and one AK-47 rifle on the spot. . With the amount of ammunition and IEDs recovered from the Naxalites, more than 1200 soldiers could have been harmed. During the February 19 operation, an American made rifle was recovered. Naxalite boy Ganjhu alias Bala Ganjhu was killed with a reward of five lakh rupees. 9 Naxalites including CPI (Maoist) Zonal Commander Balram Oraon were arrested with a reward of Rs 10 lakh.

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