America | Resolve of US lawmakers: Strong ties with India, told China a ‘big threat’


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Washington: Top US lawmakers said it has become more important to strengthen ties with India in view of the “big threat” posed by China to the world. Congress member Ellen Goodman Luria, while addressing the Indian-American community at the celebration of the ‘Elixir of Freedom’, said, “I served on the Armed Services Committee and really understand how important the relationship between India and America is ” She represents the Second Congressional District of Virginia in the House of Representatives.

Significantly, 75 Indian-American organizations gathered here to celebrate the historic achievement of India’s visit since 1947. “Many Indian-Americans are actually representing California and I’m very proud of that,” said Congressman Micheech Yunjoo Steele from the 48th Congressional District of California. We are working closely together.”

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He said that China is a big threat to the world. “The only thing we need to know is that China is a very big threat… they want to dominate the whole world in a very selfish way,” he said. They are not going to sit silent till they fully rule the world. In view of this, this relationship (US-India) is far more important than before.

Congress MP Raja Krishnamurthy, one of four Indian-Americans in the US Parliament, said India’s biggest exports are Indian-Americans. He said, “We know everything about India, where it started from and what is the condition now. We know that it is the fastest growing large economy in the world. We know of his great technology advances, huge agricultural developments and innovations. His biggest export is nothing but you.” (agency)

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