China Vs US & India Li Zhanshu Nepal Visit: Know How Nepal Is New Battleground For China & US And India Amid Li Zhanshu Kathmandu Visit


Kathmandu: Just before the general elections in Nepal, political activities as well as foreign activities have intensified. China, under tension from the growing influence of India and America in Nepal under Sher Bahadur Deuba’s rule, sent its ‘Chanakya’ Li Zhanshu to Kathmandu on a three-day visit on 12 September. It is believed that China’s third-highest leader has tried to bring about a reconciliation between the Left parties of Nepal. Lee Jhansu has come to this important passage of Nepal at a time when America is also increasing its influence in this Himalayan state. Nepal’s parliament gave its approval to the US’s MCC aid even after heavy opposition from China.

This has dealt a severe blow to the dragon. Now China is trying to keep the neighboring country Nepal in its court by any means. In fact, many experts believe that America’s MCC project is a strategy to reduce the growing influence of China in Nepal. On the other hand, India is also giving new strength to its relationship with Nepal during the tenure of Deuba government. India has signed several agreements with Nepal. India will build the hydroelectric project which was abandoned by China. India has opened two of its ports to Nepal.
Nepal China News: China again showed eyes to ‘friend’ Nepal, without consulting PLA fence on the border
China vs US war in Nepal
China, which was tensed by the return of America and India in Nepal’s politics, has sent a big leader like Li Jhansu to Kathmandu. Li Jhansu has signed 6 MoUs related to the BRI project called China’s debt trap in Nepal. China wants Nepal to stick to its ‘One China’ policy so that it does not face difficulties in Tibet. After the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping in the year 2019, Li Zhansu’s visit is considered to be the most important.

Another plan of America is also being considered as a big reason behind this visit of Chinese leader to Kathmandu. America wants Nepal to sign its State Partnership Program. It is through this SPP program that America sends its soldiers to help when a disaster strikes. On the other hand, China associates it closely with America’s Indo-Pacific policy and considers it a military and security initiative. China fears that through this treaty America can build a military base in its neighboring country Nepal. On the other hand, America argues that this SPP program is running in 90 countries for the last 25 years.


India is giving tough competition to Dragon
America has clearly stated that it is not a military organization. The Chinese believe that America wants to create differences between Nepal and China. While China is eyeing regional geopolitical competition, Nepal wants to increase ties and boost trade with its northern neighbor. Nepal wants China to help run the train and provide financial help. However, due to this, there is a fear of Nepal falling into the debt trap like Sri Lanka.

On the other hand, China is trying to reduce its dependence on India by helping Nepal in the rail project. To keep Nepal away from America’s Indo-Pacific strategy, China is now strengthening ties with Nepalese leaders and enhancing people-to-people ties. India is also aware of this move of China and is strengthening its relationship with Nepal. PM Modi had gone on a visit to Nepal and the Foreign Secretary of Nepal has just arrived in India.

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