26 Year Old Youth Very Upset With His 35 Kg Hand


Sunny Deol’s dialogue Yeh Dhai Kilo Ka Haath Hai… you must have heard. But 26-year-old Akbar of Timberpur village in Fatehgarh Sahib district of Punjab is very upset with his 35 kg hand. They are neither able to stand properly or do any work because of their hands. Akbar of 25 kg is tired of lifting the weight of 35 kg hand. The situation is that now he is also having trouble breathing. Praying for his well being, the family has taken him to PGI where on Friday, Akbar was shown to the doctors in the plastic surgery department of New OPD.

Family members said that Akbar, who was suffering from kyphoscoliosis disease, started treatment in 2017 but after that the situation has become more serious after the treatment stopped. At present, the family members are camping in PGI for treatment. Dr Sunil Gaba of the Department of Plastic Surgery has advised him to consult the Department of Orthopedics for further treatment. As per the doctor’s advice, Akbar’s family members are waiting to see the Orthopedist. Akbar’s mother says she hopes PGI can save her son’s life.

A little carelessness made life difficult

Akbar’s uncle Harpreet told that his nephew was suffering from hand trouble since childhood. Initially, he had a lump in his hand, which kept on increasing with age. Earlier he used to lift his hand easily but from last three years his problem has increased a lot. The weight of four feet Akbar’s hand has become 35 kg. In such a situation, he is neither able to stand properly nor is able to do any of his work.

Harpreet told that in 2017, when the family members showed her at PGI, doctors had advised to do surgery. During that surgery, the extra flesh was removed from his hand, but due to financial constraints, he could not come to the follow-up. Due to this, gradually he became like before. Now the condition is that he is not even able to breathe.

You should also know Kyphoscoliosis

Kyphoscoliosis is a spinal abnormality. Scoliosis causes the spine to curve abnormally at the coronal plane. Due to this, the back becomes round or humped. In people with kyphoscoliosis, the spine curves to both sides and forward or backward at the same time. This condition can occur at any age including birth. According to a case report about the condition, 80 percent of cases are unknown.

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