Tuition Teacher Misdeed A Girl In Dadri Gotambudh Nagar – Victim’s ordeal: The teacher threatened and raped, but the atrocities continued on this matter, then the last date of patience came…


While teaching tuition in Dadri, adjacent to the capital Delhi, a tutor kept raping the girl by giving her intoxicants on the pretext of marriage. On protesting, threatened to spoil life by making obscene videos viral. After calling and taking him to the hotel on the pretext of court marriage, he had made a video from mobile by doing obscenity. The victim’s brother, a resident of Bulandshahr, lives in a colony in Dadri and her sister had come to Dadri from the village in June. Brother’s children used to study tuitions with a tutor living in the neighboring street and she too started studying during that time.

It is alleged that while talking to the victim, the tutor started talking with her phone number. It is alleged that the young man started pressurizing her to get married, threatening to kill her if the victim refused.

It is alleged that the victim was given a cold drink mixed with intoxicants and locked her in the room and raped her. Also made video from mobile. When the victim went to the village, the accused reached there and started blackmailing her.

Showing the video, forcibly took him to a hotel in a rented car on the pretext of court marriage. There again he raped her. On protesting, he threatened to show a knife and make the video viral. The victim alleges that fear and slander kept tolerating her atrocities.

Recently, on September 11, he took the victim on a bike to a hotel in Secunderabad, asking to be introduced to his family members for marriage. There, after mixing intoxicants in water, he was given a drink and again raped in an unconscious state. On regaining consciousness, the victim was left outside the hotel. The victim has lodged a complaint with the police against the accused. Police say that Tahrir is being investigated and only after that further action will be taken.

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