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If you don’t want to fill in your passwords manually, save those website passwords on your iPhone and you won’t have to remember them anymore. We’ll show you how to save, view, as well as sync your iPhone passwords with your other Apple devices.

To save passwords, you use your iPhone’s AutoFill feature, This feature prompts you to save a password when you log in to a site. Later, when you return to that site to sign in, AutoFill automatically inputs the password for you.

You can use your iPhone’s saved passwords on your Mac (and vice versa) by enabling iCloud Keychain on both your devices, as we’ll explain below.

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Step 1: Enable AutoFill on Your iPhone

The first step is to enable the AutoFill feature on your iPhone. To do that, launch Settings on your phone and tap “Passwords & Accounts.”

Choose "Passwords & Accounts" in Settings.

Select “AutoFill Passwords.”

Access "AutoFill Passwords."

Turn on “AutoFill Passwords.”

Enable "AutoFill Passwords."

And that’s it. The feature is now enabled.

Step 2: Save a Website Password on iPhone

Now that you’ve enabled AutoFill, launch a website in Safarienter a password, and your phone will prompt you to save that password.

To do that, first, open Safari and access your site. On the site, log in to your account by entering your username and your password. Then, hit the log in or sign in button.

Access the login page on a website.

Safari will prompt you to save the entered password. You can choose one of the following three options:

  • Save Password: To save the entered password on your phone, choose this option.
  • Never for This Website: If you don’t want Safari to ever ask you to save passwords for this site, select this option.
  • Not Now: If you don’t want to save the password right now, but you’d like Safari to ask you to do that in the future, tap this option.

Save the website password on iPhone.

If you chose “Save Password,” Safari has saved your password. The next time you return to this site and attempt to log in, your browser will automatically fill in the password for you.

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View Saved Passwords on Your iPhone

you can view a list of all the saved passwords on your iPhone. To do that, first, open Settings on your phone and choose “Passwords & Accounts.”

Choose "Passwords & Accounts" in Settings.

Select “Website & App Passwords.”

Tap "Website & App Passwords."

Authenticate yourself using your preferred method.

You’ll see a “Passwords” screen listing all your saved passwords. Here, you can manually review the list as well as use the “Search” box at the top to find a specific password.

View iPhone's saved passwords.

To add a password to this list, tap the “+” icon in the top-right corner and enter your password details.

Manually save a password on iPhone.

If you’d like to remove a saved password, then swipe left on that password and choose “Delete.”

Tap "Delete."

And that’s it.

Sync Your iPhone’s Saved Passwords With iCloud Keychain

Using iCloud Keychain, you can sync your iPhone’s saved passwords with your other devices, like an iPhone, iPador Macand vice versa.

To do that, you’ll have to toggle on the feature on both your iPhone and your other Apple device.

To turn on iCloud Keychain on an iPhone, head to Settings > [Your iCloud Name] > iCloud > Keychain and turn on the “iCloud Keychain” option.

Toggle on "iCloud Keychain."

On a Mac, enable iCloud Keychain by heading into Apple Menu > System Preferences > Apple ID > iCloud and turning on the “Keychain” option.

Your saved passwords will now start syncing between all your Apple devices.

And that’s how you eliminate the need to remember dozens of website passwords with your iPhone. Very useful!

While you’re at it, consider using a password manager to save and manage all your website and app passwords, beyond just your iPhone and Mac.

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