People and places that derive their name from King Charles III


Sep 18 2022 17:02

Here are ten people, places, or things that derive their name from Britain’s new King Charles III.
Prince Charles Island is an uninhabited island with a very cold climate, located in the Nunavut region in northern Canada.
This 9,521 square kilometer island, ranked 78th on the list of the largest islands in the world, was first discovered by a ship in 1932 and then rediscovered in 1948 through Air Force photographs. It was named after Prince Al-Waleed at the time.
– Princess Charlotte
She was born on May 2, 2015, the daughter of William, the eldest son of Charles, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, in honor of the parents of the current heir to the crown and of Queen Elizabeth II.
Under a change in succession law in 2011, she cannot be overtaken in the order of succession by her younger brother, Prince Louis, who was born in 2018.
– Prince of Wales glacier
This Antarctic glacier, located in the Queen Elizabeth mountain range, extends about 18 kilometers in a northerly direction. It was named by a New Zealand expedition conducted in 1961-1962.
Prince Charles the frog
Discovered in 2008 among specimens collected for a museum, this species of frog has the scientific name hyloscirtus princecharlesi. It was first found in Ecuador, and was named in honor of the prince’s efforts in defense of pristine forest protection activities and the fight against deforestation.
– “Chamber cup”
The “Carboncle Cup” (after a type of leather dimple) is the designation for an architecture award given by Building Design magazine for the ugliest building in the UK in the previous 12 months. This name was inspired by a satirical description given by Charles in 1984 of a project aimed at expanding the National Gallery in London, which prompted the management of the site to reconsider it.
Prince Trust Fund
Charles established the foundation in 1976 by paying £7,500 he received in severance payments from the Navy. The project aims to restore confidence and motivation to disadvantaged youth by providing them with training, sponsorship and scholarships. The Foundation has helped more than a million young people find a career.
Prince Charles cinema
This is the only independent cinema in London’s Leicester Square, the main center for British cinema releases. This hall regularly hosts performances of karaoke-style versions of famous films such as “The Sound of Music”, “Grease” and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, and the spectators often attend in disguise.
The institution was initially a theater, before it turned into a cinema for pornographic films.
– Aircraft carrier
The aircraft carrier “HMS Prince of Wales” was launched in 2017, and is similar to the aircraft carrier named after Queen Elizabeth (“HMS Queen Elizabeth”). The two largest warships in British history.
The 65,000-ton ship can carry 36 F-35B combat aircraft and four Merlin helicopters. Its movement had to be stopped at the end of August due to technical problems, including “serious damage” to the propeller, and it was returned to Portsmouth.
– Prince of Wales steam locomotive
Britain’s most powerful steam locomotive is scheduled to enter service in 2025.
This £6 million publicly funded project recreates a 1930s locomotive.
Charles was a staunch supporter of the project, and the locomotive was named after him to celebrate his 65th birthday.
The Royal Journey in Nepal
The Royal Trek was named after Charles after the prince and those around him explored the trail in 1980.
This route, which connects Pokhara to Annapurna, can take four to nine days and reaches an altitude of 2,200 metres.
There is also a mountain point called “Charles Point” in southeastern Nepal, where you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of Mount Everest.

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