Strong earthquake shakes Taiwan, building collapses


Sep 18 2022 19:05

A 6.8-magnitude earthquake shook the sparsely populated southeastern part of the island, the Taiwan Meteorological Bureau said on Sunday, sending train carriages derailed, a store building collapsed and hundreds stranded on mountain roads.
The meteorological office said that the epicenter of the quake was located in Taitung County, and it came after a quake of a magnitude of 6.4 on Saturday evening in the same area, but no injuries were reported.
The US Geological Survey estimated the quake’s strength at 7.2 and its epicenter at a depth of 10 km.
The Taiwan Fire Department said four people who were trapped in a collapsed grocery store building in Yuli were rescued, and three people whose car fell off a damaged bridge were rescued and taken to a hospital.
The railway authority said six coaches derailed at Dongli station in the east of the country after part of the pavement roof collapsed. The fire department said there were no injuries.
It added that more than 600 people were stranded in the mountainous regions of Chaik and Lucichi due to road cuts. She indicated that there were no injuries there, and that the rescue teams were working to reopen the roads.
The US Tsunami Warning Center issued a warning in Taiwan after the earthquake, before canceling it at a later time. The Japan Meteorological Agency also canceled a previous tsunami warning for parts of Okinawa.
The quake was felt by residents across the island, and buildings shook briefly in the capital, Taipei, the Taiwan Meteorological Bureau said.

Source: agencies