Monkeys Attack Spanish Tourist At Taj Mahal


Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) staff have been deployed to protect the tourists from the rampaging monkeys in the Taj Mahal, but the terror has not subsided. Monkeys are becoming increasingly dreadful and targeting tourists. A Spanish woman was attacked by monkeys on Monday morning. The monkeys bit his leg, which started bleeding. Seeing the bleeding from the feet, the tourist started crying bitterly. Photographer Yogesh Paras and ASI employee Arun Kumar treated the tourist. After that she left for the hotel.

Let us tell you that this is the fourth incident of monkey attack in the Taj Mahal within 10 days. On September 11, Shaheen Rashid of Tamil Nadu was bitten and injured by monkeys. The very next day, a Swedish female tourist was attacked. He too was cut. On September 14, two foreign girls were attacked by monkeys on the jasmine floor.

The monkey menace in the Taj Mahal did not stop. Violent monkeys are targeting tourists. Tourists come to see the Taj for a pleasant experience, but return with a bad experience because of the raging monkeys. A female tourist from Spain was injured by monkeys on Monday morning.

The Spanish tourist along with his companions reached the Taj Mahal on Monday morning. Foreign tourists were taking photos from mobile in the Taj, when the monkeys attacked the female tourist and bit her leg. The photographer and ASI staff bandaged his leg.

Every day in the morning and evening, a large herd of monkeys reach the Taj Mahal in search of food from the Dussehra Ghat temple. These monkeys become attackers on tourists. The local people are also troubled by the mischievous monkeys.

Even after writing a letter to the Municipal Corporation, when the monkeys were not caught, the officers of ASI imposed the duty of four employees to drive away the monkeys, but the riots of the monkeys still did not stop. The incident happened again on Monday.

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