289 school buses cover school transportation in Fujairah


Fahad Buhendi (Fujairah)

Jassim Al Marzouqi, Executive Director of School Transport at Emirates Transport, told Al-Ittihad that the number of buses that cover the entire Emirate of Fujairah for the new academic year 2022-2023 amounted to 289, including 232 buses for government school transport, and 57 buses for private school transport. .
Stressing that the institution performs its services in the field of school transport in accordance with the highest specifications and standards set by the legislative and federal and local authorities,
He pointed out that the number of safety supervisors working on school buses is 115, including 7 supervisors who were recently appointed before the start of the new school year.

  • Jassim Al Marzouki
    Jassim Al Marzouki

He explained that «the number of routes covered by the Corporation’s buses in the emirate is 217, noting that the school transport system is complete with each party performing its roles and responsibilities optimally, as there are major roles for the supervisor, in addition to the role of the Corporation and the role of parents, which lies in a number of steps. The task, the most important of which is to be with their children under the age of 11 to wait for the school bus 5 minutes before it arrives at the boarding point, and to deliver their children to the transportation and safety supervisor at the school bus door. From the bus to help them cross what exposes them to danger, or the unaccompanied students stop on the opposite side of the house before the bus arrives and cross the road unaccompanied; Therefore, they must control their children while waiting for the school bus, so that students are not allowed to run towards the bus as soon as they see it, and follow the process of boarding the bus.
On the role of the Transport and Safety Supervisor, Al Marzouki said: “It begins with receiving students from their parents for those under the age of 11 at the door of the school bus, helping them to sit on the seats, fastening seat belts, supervising the safety of students inside the bus and ensuring their regularity, through the use of a list of The behavior of students inside the school bus, and filling out a form on the behavior of students who do not attend the school bus. In addition to filling out the students’ boarding and disembarking form (preparation) for students while they board the school bus, and handing the students over to the school’s movement official, the necessity of approving the form by the official, ensuring that the school bus is empty of students before it leaves the school, and assisting in evacuating the bus in emergency cases. Contribute to the dissemination of the culture of traffic safety, the use of buses for students, and the supervision of recreational programs on the bus. In addition to ensuring that the bus is safe and free of any dangers that may endanger the lives of students before starting any journey.”

transportation system
Jassim Al-Marzouqi added that the school transport system is complemented by the role of the school, which begins with receiving students from the school bus and the transport and safety supervisor, using the students’ boarding and disembarking form and approving the form, in addition to evacuating the students’ boarding and disembarking area (internal or external bus stops) from students to avoid the risks of being run over. Also, a student boarding and disembarking area must be provided free of vehicles of parents, teachers and school workers, so that it is designated for school buses only, with the necessity of supervising the area and regulating bus traffic in it, and the absence of children other than transported students at the school bus stopping points in order to preserve for their safety.

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