32 health and technical conditions for the approval of commercial poultry farms


Shorouk Awad (Dubai)

The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment has set 32 ​​health and technical conditions for the approval of commercial poultry production farms in the country, including 5 special conditions for farm locations, 9 special conditions for establishing farms, and 18 conditions for operation, to be applied during the coming period, in order to achieve several goals, including preventing the spread of Contagious and epidemic animal diseases, including diseases common with humans, ensuring adherence to animal welfare standards, enhancing local production, contributing to food security, and ensuring the safety of animal products for these farms.
The ministry explained that this step came after preparing a draft ministerial decision related to health and technical conditions for approving poultry production farms. Commercial birds, such as carnivores, eggs, mothers and poultry, turkey, quail, ducks and geese, which is in the framework of developing biosecurity measures, enhancing food security in the country, and keeping abreast of developments and updates in health and technical conditions for farms, and in line with the latest regional and international updates.

Doctors responsibilities
The ministry indicated that the aforementioned decision also specified the responsibilities and roles of veterinarians licensed on commercial poultry farms, including the need to inform the ministry or the competent local authority in the emirate, in the event of observation or suspicion that birds were infected with one of the diseases listed in the table attached to Federal Law No. 8 of 2013 regarding the prevention of poultry diseases. Contagious and epidemiological animal diseases and their control, such as laryngitis and tracheitis in birds, laryngitis and tracheitis in poultry, cholera of birds, typhoid in chickens, etc., and the obligation to report any other animal diseases not mentioned in the federal law in any of the four cases is the monitoring of suspicion or confirmation An emerging disease, the spread of a disease previously registered at the regional level (infection in more than 3 facilities), the spread of a disease in abnormal animal species, and the susceptibility to transmission to humans.

Operating conditions
The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment stressed that the most important conditions for operating commercial poultry farms were summarized in the necessity for the farms to obtain the necessary licenses from the ministry and the concerned authorities, and the need for a veterinarian as a minimum, and the need to develop a plan to analyze risks and control critical points or their equivalent in the farm and others, while The conditions for establishing commercial poultry farms were that a sign must be provided at the top of the farm on the front of the entrance bearing its name and type of activity, and that the farm must be identified with a fence of no less than two meters to separate it from its external surroundings, and the need to provide a permanent source of electricity on the site with an electric generator as a backup source of energy and a source Water fit for human use, a reserve water tank, appropriate means of communication and many other conditions.

Website Terms
The conditions for the sites of commercial poultry farms were also that the site must match the residential scheme in accordance with the planning and procedures of the local authority, that the site must be easily accessible and connected to the public road with paved external roads and a distance of at least 100 meters away from it, and the need to keep the site away from the course of torrents, swamps or lands Low humid or any water pool and others.

License Terms
The Ministry indicated that the decision also specified the conditions for licensing commercial poultry farms, such as observing the controls for granting licenses for veterinary establishments contained in the Executive Regulations of Federal Law No. 10 of 2002 regarding practicing the profession of veterinary medicine and its amendments, and the obligation to submit an application from the owner of the facility or his representative to obtain the approval of the Ministry To license a commercial poultry production farm, accompanied by a copy of the ownership of the farm or the lease contract, a copy of the valid commercial license of the farm, a copy of the site plan showing the site of the farm and the linkage of the site to the external public road, sites of animal production farms and nearby residential areas, as well as a copy of an internal plan The farm is prepared by an engineering office approved by the local authority, showing the distribution of all buildings and facilities, a copy of the environmental permit or environmental approval from the competent local authority, and the inspection report on the facility issued by the concerned ministry or authority.
Within the licensing conditions for commercial poultry farms, the farm must be under the management of a veterinarian who holds a license to practice the profession for a veterinarian issued by the Ministry, while the license is granted for a period of one year and renewed annually at the request of the owner of the facility or his representative and approval of the Ministry.

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