Challenges motivate perseverance


This is how the leadership in our country sees that challenges, no matter how difficult they are, are the light that leads us to break the barrier of fear, hesitation, and laziness.
These are the noble values ​​that His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, cultivates in the hearts of his sons in various work sites and always urges them to break into and tame the paths of life, and incite the will so that it becomes a skilled horse in breaking Barriers and access before the traditional clock chimes.
These are the ideals that are rooted in the conscience of man, and these are the values ​​that are made with the luster of the car planets, and the dream of the bird.
This is the wisdom of those who control the formulation of the sentence in the poem, as well as mastering the reins of authentic horses. Today we are in an examination in a large hall that is the hall of existence, and we have to fold the waiting rug. Because the hour of time refuses to turn back, and whoever lags behind its chariot remains in the pit of backwardness, crouching like a wounded lion.
When the stars become pens, the earth becomes a memory book, history becomes an amazing epic of giving, geography becomes the alphabet of ingenuity, and the human being becomes that essential ingredient for building a community of superior skills.
Today we are going through an era that societies after the great civilizations may not have gone through. Therefore, we can say that the Emirates restores to human memory the power of great dreams, and recalls the momentum that humanity has missed in the rise since the demise of the Mesopotamian civilization and other great civilizations of the world, such as the Greek and Roman, and if the great historian Gibbon lived, he would not have cried over the collapse of the Roman civilization, and he would have applauded Laradif rose from this desert, to restore hope to the world that life is rebirth, and hope will not disappear from the world as long as there are men who have the control of moving the stale water, and stirring the coals under the pots of will, and with all their determination they penetrate the oceans of existence, and paint the pages with fingerprints that carve their names with merit and awareness of the importance of responsibility To be in the human scene the pen whose ink does not dry up, the river whose water does not dry up, and the field whose trees do not wither.
Today we are witnessing today the fringes of the sun combing the sand of the desert, inspiring it with the gold of the active conscience, which is elevated and a sign raised by an indomitable determination, an unbreakable will, unwavering ambitions, aspirations that compete with the moonlight, and the meanings of its abundance from an unstoppable source.
This is the content of what the Emirates intend to exist, and this is the content of its debate with life, and this is its field, its mode and its money, and its song that was heard by someone who was deaf, until the bird began to sing in its name, and utter its meanings.

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