Complicated Relationship of Jackie Kennedy and Elizabeth


LondonQueen Elizabeth will be cremated at Westminster Abbey on 19 September. Elizabeth was the only Queen to have seen 15 British prime ministers as well as met with 14 US presidents. During this, many such moments also came which are still the subject of discussion. One of these is the relationship between the Queen and the First Lady of America, Jackie Kennedy. The Queen and Jackie’s relationship is the subject of modern history that everyone wants to know about. It is said that Jackie did not like the Queen, so the Queen once started feeling insecure about Jackie’s beauty.

Jackie’s first meeting
In 1952, the Queen was crowned and in 1961 the then President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, visited Britain. During this he was accompanied by his wife Jackie. Jackie had gone to Buckingham Palace before going on an official tour with husband John. Jackie worked for the Washington-Times Herald. She was associated with the newspaper as the ‘Inquiring Camera Girl’. Jackie went to Buckingham Palace at the time of the Queen’s coronation and it was here she asked the public, ‘Do you think Elizabeth will be the last Queen of England?’ Here the two also had a face-to-face for a few seconds.

The controversy started even before Jackie reached Buckingham Palace. According to Reader’s Digest, it was a tradition at Buckingham Palace that no divorced person was allowed to enter. Jackie’s sister Lee Radziwill’s name was on the guest list and there was a lot of controversy about it. The Queen did not want to welcome Lee. Although she was married and was with her husband, Stanislaw Radziwill, who had a third marriage with Lee. Under pressure, the Queen relented and Jackie’s sister got entry. Saudi King was scared of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth’s driving, said- drive slowly, know the full story
Told the meeting difficult

If the Netflix series ‘Crown’ is to be believed, the Queen was beginning to feel insecure about Jackie’s beauty. According to this series, Jackie said some such things about the Queen, which made it clear that the relationship between the two is not good. Elizabeth was stunned to hear that Jackie described her as “middle-aged, ugly, indifferent, foolish and unnoticed”.

In an interview with The Telegraph, British photographer Sir Cecil Beaton said that Kennedy was critical of the decoration of the palace. At the same time, he did not like the hairstyle of the queen and the way she dressed. According to American author Gore Vidal, Jackie described his meeting with the Queen as “very difficult”.

where did kennedy’s gifts go
When John Kennedy and Elizabeth met for the first time, he gifted the Queen a poster of hers. This poster was mounted in Tiffany’s silver frame. But none of the gifts given by Kennedy were ever seen. Reader’s Digest quoted Jackie as saying, ‘I think the Queen has tried to stop me. Philip was very nice but nervous. No one sees any relationship between them. navbharat times

Go to hell monarchy… Who chose King Charles… Rebellious voices or ‘freedom of expression’ rising in the midst of mourning in Britain?
It is said that the Queen even made Jackie visit the palace. But there was tension between the two and this was noticed by the British media. Jackie asked the Queen, ‘What is life like as a public figure?’ To this the Queen replied, ‘Everyone has to change something after a time and learn how to save himself.’

after Kennedy’s death
When Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, two years after the tour, the Queen opened a memorial in his memory. There was also a photograph in which Kennedy’s son John is holding the hand of Prince Philip. The Kennedy Memorial Trust is run by the British government and under this, scholarships are given to British post graduates for Harvard or MIT.

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