Serious diseases can spread due to floods in Pakistan, WHO warns people



There has been a fear of outbreak of water-borne diseases in Pakistan.
WHO has expressed concern about many serious diseases.
WHO has said that many diseases including cholera can spread due to spoiled drinking water.

Islamabad. The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed the possibility of an outbreak of water-borne diseases in Pakistan in the wake of the devastating floods. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a statement that the water supply in the flood-affected areas of Pakistan has been disrupted, causing people to have no access to pure drinking water and this can lead to cholera and other diseases. The WHO has advised the flood-affected areas of Pakistan and especially the people of the worst-affected Sindh province to take extra precautions. Tedros highlighted on Saturday that stagnant water can cause mosquito breeding, which can spread diseases such as malaria and dengue.

The people of the country are facing economic crisis due to the floods in Pakistan. Amid the flood crisis on Wednesday, UN Humanitarian Coordinator Julian Harnis said on Wednesday that out of the $150 million foreign aid received by the South Asian country, only US$38.35 million had been converted into aid. According to the report of ANI, the demand for humanitarian relief is very high in this flood-stricken country, but due to corruption, proper funds are not reaching the land.

Meanwhile, Julian Harnis had said that despite receiving huge funds, the health situation in many provinces of Pakistan is worrying. He further said that a flash appeal of $160 million in Pakistan will not be enough. He is in discussion with the government and other stakeholders, after which will amend the flash appeal. Harnis said the flash appeal, jointly launched by the government of Pakistan and the United Nations, is currently for six months, and is enough for just six million people.

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