Wireless charging has stopped for some Pixel owners after Android 13 update


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  • After updating to Android 13, some Pixel owners are unable to charge wirelessly.
  • The issue seems to be affecting a variety of Pixel models, including the 6 series.
  • Rapid charging may have also been affected by the bug.

Android 13 just launched earlier this week, bringing with it a number of improvements to security and privacy, Bluetooth, Material You, and more. While all of this is great, something that’s not so great is it appears the new update has taken away some users’ ability to wireless charge their phones.

According to 9To5Googleover the past week, some Pixel owners have flocked to reddit to post about the issue. Based on the threads, it appears the inability to charge wirelessly isn’t isolated to a single Pixel device. However, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL owners seem to make up the majority of reports so far.

In addition, the reddit users claim the issue persists regardless of what charger they are using. There are some fixes offered, including one user suggesting that rebooting into safe mode, trying it out, then rebooting again normally fixed the problem for them. However, there’s another user that claims that method didn’t work for them. So it appears these suggestions may not work for everybody.

Android 13 has had a bit of a bumpy launch. Some Pixel owners are still waiting for the updateothers received a confusing notification to update to Android 12, and now this. As of right now, there’s no word from Google about this issue, but hopefully, there will be a fix soon.

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