Bangladesh-India news: ‘India should help Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to retain power’


Dhaka: Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momin has requested the Indian government that if it helps Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government to stay in power, they will be very happy. He says that everyone knows that the Hasina government wants to maintain stability and communal harmony in the country. This statement of his has now created resentment in the party itself. The party has distanced itself from his statement. There has been no response from India yet. Momin has also given a clarification in his statement, but it seems that his attempt has failed.
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Momin clarified his statement in front of the media in Chattogram. He told what he really wanted to say. He said, “Stability is very important. We do not want instability in this area. If we can do this then it will be a golden chapter in our relationship. Momin said that he has told this thing that there are some mischievous people in both Bangladesh and India who often give provocative statements.

According to them, these are the people who give big color to small things. He said that it is the responsibility of both the governments to stop it. By doing this communal harmony will be maintained and there will be no uncertainty. In response to a question, Momin had said that as long as Hasina’s government is there in the country, development will continue in the midst of communal harmony.

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According to the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh, he said the same thing that the Chief Minister of Assam had told him and he has said the same thing to the Government of India as well. In the words of Momin, ‘I went to India and said that the Chief Minister of Assam has thanked Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. He did this thanks to his zero tolerance policy and his announcement that he promised not to allow Bangladesh to become a hub of terrorists.

After Momin’s statement, his own party Awami League has started opposing him. The party’s general secretary Ubaidul Qadir has said that there has never been a request from India by the Awami League to help his party to stay in power. Also, no one has given any responsibility to Sheikh Hasina to say so. Qadir said that this is Momin’s personal view. The party has nothing to do with it.
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On the occasion of Janmashtami, Momin had said, ‘I would like to request the Government of India that Sheikh Hasina’s government will have to remain intact. Only then Bangladesh will progress on the path of development and under his leadership a country will be free from religious discrimination. Momin had arrived as the chief guest on the occasion of Janmashtami. Momin said that Hasina’s departure would be dangerous for everyone. If they believe that if Hasina remains the PM of the country, then India will also have to spend less in security on its border areas. He said that thousands of people from Bangladesh go to India. Thousands of Indians work in Bangladesh because development is taking place here.

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