Scientific discovery may eliminate cancer-causing substances


Researchers at Northwestern University in the United States have reported finding a way to eliminate cancer-causing chemicals found in daily necessities, such as food packaging and women’s cosmetics.

The researchers said they were able to remove a substance known as “PFAS”, by using low heat along with sodium hydroxide.

PFAS is found in many products, such as adhesives, pharmaceutical containers, papers, and paints.

During their experiment, scientists at Northwestern University identified a weak link, a chain of oxygen atoms at the end of the carbon-fluorine bonds, which was essentially a gateway for the separation of dangerous harmful substances.

As consumers are becoming more aware today, alternative products that are free of PFAS such as those used in drinking water bottles have appeared on the market.

Long-term exposure to PFAS has long been associated with an increased risk of cancer, but research continues as to how much exposure can actually lead to the most serious health concerns.

Over the years, various methods of eliminating these substances have failed, as exposing them to high temperatures has led to the growth of their gases in the atmosphere, as evidenced by testing and analysis of rainwater.

The human body cannot get rid of these substances, because they contain strong carbon bonds, according to the UPI news agency.

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