Ukraine claims- eyes of animals sent to 6 embassies were dripping blood; ruckus


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Kyiv. Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry has claimed that parcels with animal eyes have been sent to its 6 embassies in Europe. Spokesman Oleg Nikolaenko said the ‘blood-soaked’ packages were found in Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia and Austria. It is not yet clear who sent these packages to the embassies. Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba believes that this is an attempt to intimidate Ukraine.

He said that six packages delivered to European embassies and consulates, “were impregnated with a liquid of a special color and had a similar smell.” Nikolaenko also said that Ukrainian embassies have increased security measures following instructions from Dmytro Kuleba following the explosion in Madrid.

fake bomb threat
According to the BBC, Nikolenko mentioned several others in a statement released on Facebook, including the entrance gate to the Ukrainian ambassador’s compound in the Vatican. What’s more, he said, the embassy in Kazakhstan has received a fake bomb threat, while the embassy in the US has received a letter containing a photocopy of an article critical of Ukraine. “Ukraine is working with foreign law enforcement to investigate all threats, identify and hold them accountable,” Nikolaenko said.

stirred by packet bomb
Spanish officials said on Thursday that explosives were found in packages mailed to the country’s defense ministry building, a satellite center at an air force base on the outskirts of Madrid and a factory that manufactures hand grenades. He told that this recovery took place a day after the explosion in the ‘letter bomb’ sent by post in the embassy of Ukraine in Madrid. Officials said a similar explosive was sent by ordinary post to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on November 24, but was defused by the bomb disposal squad. (with language input)

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