Bigg Boss 16: Oh brother! bigg boss 16 sreejita de exposing camera game of tina dutta when she hugs shalin bhanot fans praises wild card contestant


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A twist is about to come in the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 16’. If you were bored watching the game of old contestants, then there is good news for you. Two new members are going to enter the show and one of them is Srijita Dey. Yes, the same Srijita who got evicted in the very first week itself due to less votes. Now she is coming back again and has played Tina Dutta’s band as soon as she arrives. The promo shows how Srijita reveals Tina’s real face in front of the housemates. He described Tina as ‘black from inside’ and ‘surrounded by negativity’. Seeing Srijita, the ground slipped under Tina’s feet and she was also seen upset with Bigg Boss. Till now everything was fine, but as soon as Srijita entered the house, she imitated Tina in such a way that she exposed her whole identity in a moment. Fans are very fond of this style of his and he is also being praised.

Srijita Dey mimicked Tina Dutta and ripped it apartIn fact, whenever Tina Dutta hugs Shaleen Bhanot, she definitely looks at the camera. Many of its screenshots also went viral. When Tina hugs Shaleen looking at the camera, it seems that she is doing all this only for the camera. Srijita imitated Tina the same way. She went to the house and as soon as she left came in front of the camera and while looking deliberately towards the camera hugged Shaleen. Now a lot of reactions are coming on social media regarding this.

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Tina Dutta’s camera game exposed

Band baja do is toxic tina dutta

Camera Hug exposed

Srijita did amazing

have fun have fun bro

Vikas Manaktala’s entry too

Apart from Srijita Dey, Vikas Manaktala is also going to enter Bigg Boss 16. Vikas is a TV actor. He showed a lot of attitude in the introduction video and said that he gets very angry on small things.

Srijita Dey had become evict, this week the sword hangs on 4 members

When Srijita Dey came on the show, she was well liked. At that time also his and Tina’s fight came to the fore. However, both of them flatly denied it even when asked by Bigg Boss. After a week, Srijita was out. Talking about the nominations of this week, Sumbul Touqueer Khan, Tina Dutta, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and MC Stan are nominated. It is being told that this week two people will be homeless.


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