Germany Coup Plot: Conspiracy to overthrow the government in Germany, trying to become ‘king’ himself, know who is Prince Heinrich – germany arrests 25 people accused of plotting coup including prince heinrich


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Berlin: German police on Wednesday arrested 25 people who were plotting to overthrow the government. According to the police, a person named Heinrich III is also included in these fanatics. To arrest these people, 3000 officers raided 130 locations in 11 of Germany’s 16 states. Germany’s Justice Minister Marco Buschmann described the raid as an “anti-terrorist operation”. He had said that it was suspected that the suspects had planned an armed attack on the country’s institutions. According to the top security officer, these people were inspired by the plan of violent coup and conspiratorial ideologies. Some members of the group refused to accept the post-war German constitution and called for the ouster of the government.

22 members arrested
Prosecutors said 25 German nationals had been detained ‘on suspicion of being members of a terrorist organisation’. The other three people, including a Russian national, are suspected of helping the organization. The barracks of Germany’s special forces unit KSK in the southwestern town of Calv were also searched, Der Spiegel magazine reported. However, this has not been confirmed or denied by the investigators so far. Some members of the group conspired with a small armed group to attack the Federal Parliament of Germany.
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dangerous plot

According to the BBC report, these people had prepared for ‘Day X’. Their intention was to capture the Reichstag Parliament House and power. Heinrich III, who belongs to an old noble family of Germany, is accused of involvement in this conspiracy. The Reichsberger Group is not new and was active before the pandemic.

The group conspired to kidnap Germany’s health minister in April, when the pandemic began. Citizens of Reich began to show interest in the plot on a Telegram group. It is being told that there are 50 men and women in this organization. The purpose of this organization is to carry out a conspiracy to overthrow the constitution of Germany and replace it with a new state based on the Germany of 1871.

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who is prince henrich
Heinrich XIII Prince Reuss, who was a key part of this conspiracy, comes from the family that has ruled East Germany for many decades. His ambition has been to declare himself the new leader of the country through a violent coup d’état. 71-year-old Heinrich is said to be the strongest part of this organization. Heinrich, a real estate developer, has been advocating for years the theory that life in a monarchy can be much better than in a democracy, and it was in the past.
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advocating for the monarchy

Heinrich III comes from the House of Reuss. The House of Reuss ruled East Germany for centuries. Today this part is known as the State of Thüringen. When the German revolution took place in 1918, after that the Weimar Republic was established. So far there has been no comment on this from the House of Rees and the office of Prince Rees.

why monarchy was better
In the year 2019, he said on the World Web Forum that the life of the people of Riis was much better because the tax was only 10 percent. Also all the institutions were transparent. He had said that if you feel that something is not right in the country, then to whom will you go? God save you if you go to Parliament, local or government or European Union.


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