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Beijing: Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Saudi Arabia has started from Wednesday. Preparations have been made for a royal welcome for the Chinese President in Riyadh. Seeing all this, America must also be suffering a lot. In June this year, US President Joe Biden visited Saudi Arabia. His tour proved to be quite unsuccessful and he returned to the country empty-handed. America is the most important strategic partner of Saudi Arabia and China is its biggest enemy. In such a situation when Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) is going to give a big message to America and Biden by welcoming Jinping.

Biden embarrassed
Jinping will meet many leaders of Gulf countries during his visit. In the year 2017, the then US President Donald Trump visited Saudi Arabia. His visit of three days was very carefully planned. When Biden visited Saudi Arabia, MBS greeted him without a smile. After this, when Prince decided to limit the increase in oil production by rejecting America’s demand in the meeting, Biden publicly felt embarrassed. Four months later, Saudi Arabia announced a doubling of oil production.Saudi Arabia Xi Jinping: Will Prince Salman become the ‘Khalifa of the Gulf’? China made ‘Saudi plan’ to surround America
big message to america
Jinping’s Saudi visit is a big message to America. Even after many appeals by America, China is getting closer to Saudi Arabia. Now he not only interferes in business here but also in matters of security. Abdulkhalik Abdullah, a UAE expert and senior fellow at Harvard University, believes that the first message that will be given to the US will be that it is now a new Saudi and a new Gulf region. This is the new reality and it has to be accepted. According to him, it is now true that China is moving forward and Asia is progressing. Whether America likes it or not, but Gulf countries have to deal with China like this.
China Saudi Arabia: Xi Jinping will open treasury for Saudi Arabia, China will deal with American ‘friend’, understand the game
Growing trade with China
MBS was banned by many countries in the West after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Now there, Prince Salman is ready to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping and 14 leaders of Arab countries. On the other hand, for China, this is the time when it is ready to put its foot firmly in the home of America’s closest ally. China needs more oil from Saudi and now it has relaxed the strict policy of Kovid. Two decades ago, Chinese leaders did not pay much attention to Saudi Arabia. America was its biggest buyer and its biggest source of income. Now the situation has changed and China is the biggest customer and trade partner of Saudi Arabia. Last year, exports to China reached $50 billion.
Khashoggi Murder Case: America is kind to Saudi PM Mohammad bin Salman! Big relief in Jamal Khashoggi murder case

changing attitudes

Due to the changing relations in the field of trade, the attitude of America changed towards its Arab partners. In 2016, the then US President Barack Obama’s administration sealed a major nuclear deal with Iran. Saudi Arabia was sidelined for this deal with Iran. America has always accused Saudi and other Gulf countries of human rights violations and dictatorship. The US military is present on a large scale in this area, but even after this, the relationship has not progressed much.

Tour will prove important

If experts are to be believed, military will also be involved in relations with China. He says that Saudi Arabia still considers America as its important partner. But he has also understood that it is not right to depend only on America for all kinds of help. In such a situation, China can prove to be a big help for him. Jinping’s visit will prove to take the relations between China and Saudi Arabia a step further.


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