Benazir Bhutto’s darling Bilawal played mother’s trick, didn’t even take care of the honor of her position


It is said that someone’s personality can be judged by his words. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto has been judged by the whole world for his statement against the Prime Minister of India in the United Nations Security Council. He used such bad words for the Prime Minister of his neighboring country that hardly any cultured country in the world could tolerate him. This statement of Bilawal Bhutto has come at a time when the situation in his country is not favorable for him.

Pakistan’s ousted PM Imran Khan has opened a front against him. In such a situation, Bilawal also has a challenge to save his government and as it is the custom of this country, it has been happening here that if you want to avoid losing power, then immediately make statements against India and rob the public’s support. In such a situation, Bilawal Bhutto has not done any new work, he has just followed the path of his mother Benazir Bhutto. History witnesses that the Kashmir card played by Benazir was useful in saving her power. Now Bilawal is playing Gujarat riots card by talking about Gujarat riots and Modi on international platform. 

RSS compared to Hitler’s SS

The occasion was the meeting of the United Nations Security Council 2022 in New York and India’s Foreign Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar had taunted the presence of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was so eager to answer this that regardless of his position, his stature, he said something that everyone was taken aback.

Bilawal said, " I would like to remind the Honorable External Affairs Minister and The Minister for External Affairs of India that Osama Bin Laden is dead, but the butcher of Gujarat is alive and is the Prime Minister of India. What is the RSS? RSS got its inspiration from Hitler’s SS. Who is perpetuating terrorism inside India? Is this Pakistan? Ask the people of Gujarat, they will say that he is their Prime Minister."

After this tension emerged between Pakistan and India in UNSC. This statement of his is being considered as a major setback in the effort to improve Indo-Pak relations. The enmity between these two countries is not hidden even from the world. 

 When Benazir played the Kashmir card

Pak Foreign Minister Bilawal did not keep the dignity of his position on the table just like that. Behind this, his intention to follow the path of his own mother Benazir Bhutto is clearly visible. It is well known that his mother late Benazir Bhutto was the Prime Minister of Pakistan and she also gave such objectionable statements against India. Remember the year was the 1990s.

In this decade, a speech given by him brought him back to power.  When Benazir Bhutto was giving a speech at a rally in Islamabad. She was talking about making Pakistan stand on its own feet, but the public was unconcerned about listening to her. In such a situation, Benazir felt the mood of the time and immediately came to Kashmir.

In this rally, Benazir said," We confirm the decision of the Kashmiri people for their own rights. We will give them political courage." As soon as the mention of Kashmir started, the ears of the people of Pakistan became alert and the mind started racing. The public got filled with enthusiasm and started raising slogans. "Benazir Benazir, will keep Kashmir." This Kashmir card of Benazir did not work, but ran and the opposition in front of the Pakistan People’s Party collapsed in the elections.

Benazir was restored to the power of Pakistan. In the year 1993, the power of Kashmir card earned him the post of Prime Minister of the country for the second time. In fact, earlier she was elected the Prime Minister of Pakistan on 16 November 1988, but in 1990 President Ghulam Ishaq Khan dismissed her government.  However, even after becoming Prime Minister again, his government had to face dismissal again on charges of corruption.

PPP in Sindh breathes life

Kashmir has been an emotional issue for the residents of Pakistan. Late Benazir Bhutto understood this very well. That’s why he deliberately raised the issue of Kashmir in the rally. This statement acted like a tonic for his party. In Benazir’s bastion in Sindh province, her party PPP was faltering. This province was struggling with violence. They were afraid that the army was trying to capture the government.  On the other hand, Nawaz Sharif, who was the then CM of Punjab, had also left no stone unturned to open a front against him.

Nawaz was raising voice loudly that Benazir is sitting on the issue of Kashmir. To respond to Nawaz Sharif’s enmity, Benazir became serious about Kashmir. In a hurry, she left for a tour of Muzaffarabad, the capital of PoK. Jagmohan Malhotra used to be the governor of Jammu and Kashmir at that time.

In the desire of power, Benazir also gave an ugly statement about Governor Jagmohan like Bilawal. Governor Jagmohan used to be famous for opposing the special status given to Jammu and Kashmir and taking strict steps against terrorists-separatists. Benazir caught this pulse and said that she would turn Jagmohan into Bhag Mohan, cut him into pieces. 

What Benazir said in front of a crowd of 1 lakh people during her visit to Muzaffarabad, the capital of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, was really dangerous. This provocative statement of his had led to the exodus and massacre of Kashmiri Pandits. In such a situation, Pakistan, which was troubled by Governor Malhotra, blossomed. During this, the late Benazir also spoke about the struggle of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, with India.

As a result, in the election posters that were put up inside PoK, Benazir was even told as Pakistan’s Mustaqbil. It is said that at that time slogans of Kashmir ki Takdeer, Benazir, Benazir were being raised inside PoK and posters were being pasted in houses and walls. During this, he had even made an outrageous statement of reminding Rajiv Gandhi of his grandmother. 

Bilawal goes the way of Ammi

In a rally, Benazir Bhutto presented the example of Vietnam and Afghanistan and said that a small country like Vietnam can face the super power America, the people of Afghanistan can meet the super power eye to eye, then the people of Kashmir can also get their rights. Is. He had even said that the people of Kashmir have no fear of death, the blood of Mujahids runs in their veins, they are Muslims, the heirs of Hazrat Ali. They can fight and know how to live with dignity. Violence erupted in Jammu and Kashmir due to his statement and in this way Benazir saved her power.

He did this work like Pakistani dictator General Zia-ul-Haq. When Pakistan had to face defeat on Kashmir even after 3 wars with India, military ruler General Zia hatched conspiracies. Started Operation Topac with nefarious intentions. He believed that by setting fire to religious extremism, terrorism and separatism in the Kashmir valley, he can secure the trust of the people of Pakistan by getting Kashmir. Now Bilawal has also followed the path of his mother and ruling ancestors. 

 Attempts to incite terrorism and separatism in India

In the United Nations Security Council, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto has played the card of Gujarat riots thoughtfully. Due to this, his two issues are solved, one by giving such a statement, he is trying to make the fundamentalist Muslims of Pakistan in his favor, and on the other hand, the country’s  The chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is seen pulling the people standing in favor of Imran Khan towards him. Imran Khan is currently very active there.

They are doing big rallies. Even after the fatal attack, his enthusiasm has not diminished. In Bilawal Bhutto’s government Sindh too, Imran is carrying out vigorous demonstrations. Like his mother, Bilawal is also seeing the boat of his government sinking. His father Asif Ali Zardari is also in awe of this.

This is the reason why now their efforts to increase religious frenzy in India are fast. On the other hand, the Shahbaz government of Pakistan is proving unsuccessful on every front. His car is being pulled by giving loans from countries like Saudi Arabia. If this country withdraws its hand then  Pakistan may be standing on the verge of bankruptcy. This is all that it is focusing more on opposing India to woo the people of Pakistan and to divert their attention.  

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