Ukraine said- Russia is attacking like terrorists, after the new general told the enemy army more lethal



Defense Minister of Ukraine said that Russia is taking action under the strategy of terrorists
Defense Minister told that the Russian army under the leadership of General Sergei Surovikin has become more lethal
Russia is now firing not one or two but 40 rockets simultaneously on Ukraine as before.

Kyiv, Ukraine’s defense minister on Thursday accused the new commander of Russian forces of carrying out operations under terrorist tactics by heavily bombing civilians and vital infrastructure. Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov told Reuters news agency in an interview that the Russian army under General Sergei Surovikin has become more dangerous since his appointment in October. Since the arrival of the new commander, Russia has launched a series of attacks on Ukraine’s strategic nationwide infrastructure, a major reason for which is the attack on the Crimean Bridge.

‘Russia is running a strategy of terrorism’
Asked whether Moscow’s strategy had changed under Surovikin’s leadership, Reznikov said Russia changed it because it was using cruise missiles, rocket missiles and drones, especially Iranian drones, against civilians and infrastructure objects. Terrorism is using tactics. He said that Russia does not fire one or two rockets on Ukraine as before, but creates havoc by firing 40 rockets simultaneously.

Russia’s new commander
President Vladimir Putin has appointed his notorious general Sergei Surovikin to lead the Ukrainian Front amid mounting military failures and growing discontent during the Ukraine war. The appointment of Sergei Surovikin, which took place after the sacking of two Russian senior military commanders, is considered very important for the war in itself. Moscow has been under increasing pressure to win the war quickly after the loss of large parts of Ukraine in the north-east and south and the explosion on the Kerch bridge. In such a situation, Putin’s appointment of General Sergei is being considered as a part of a larger strategy in itself.

who is surovikin
The general, born in 1966 in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk, was recently announced as the head of Russia’s Southern military group in the war against Ukraine. Surovikin has been deployed in Syria since Russia’s military operation in Afghanistan. Surovikin has also been awarded the title of ‘Hero of Russia’ after carrying out very brutal attacks in the Syrian war in 2017. He led the Russian military operation in Syria as the commander of the Aerospace Forces.

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