What is ‘Bachha Baazi’ tradition in Afghanistan and why should it be stopped?


The climate of Afghanistan has changed. From August last year, the Taliban once again ruled here. At the time of assuming power, the Taliban had promised that the freedom of those people would continue as before. But once again there are reports of atrocities against children and women. Many women are still forced to live in the four walls. The United Nations General Assembly has also passed a resolution accusing the Taliban of violating the human rights of Afghan women and girls. Let us tell you that once again the discussion of Bacha Baji tradition has started there. After all, what is this, let us know in detail…

In Afghanistan, there is a tradition of making boys and girls dance by wearing colorful clothes. This practice is called ‘childhood’. It is said that some people also sexually assault these boys after dancing in the party. The practice of Bacha Baji takes this cruelty a step further where young boys are also known as Bacha Barish (beardless boys). The child’s body is made to be sold, indulged in erotic dances and dressed as women. During this time many powerful men also buy young boys.

dance and sexual abuse
It is said that an attempt was also made to curb this practice. This happened when Afghan warlords began to buy one or more sons to demonstrate their power and wealth. Boys are either abducted or bought from their families, often dressed as women and wearing make-up and made to dance at private parties and weddings. These young boys are owned by unmarried or married men, who keep them for sexual pleasure. According to a report in The Independent, Afghanistan’s Pashtun culture does not view child marriage as an un-Islamic or homosexual act because the men do not love the boys, but simply keep them for a sexual act.

What do people say?
The debate on child marriage began two years ago when a Facebook page with over 100 videos of young boys being abused was discovered. Common people have given very interesting answers about this on Quora. Please tell that Quora is a question-answer website on which people can ask and answer questions, one user has written, ‘Bachha Baji is such a practice in Afghanistan, in which boys of 10 to 15 years are forced to marry. These boys are pushed, girls are made to dance in dress and then they are sexually abused.

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