Karnataka Woman Drags Man On Car Bonnet For 1 Km In Bangalore Road Rage


Bengaluru Road Rate: A surprising case has come to light from the capital of Karnataka, where a young man was dragged for 1 km in a car. Police said in the case that in an incident of ‘road rage’ that took place in Bengaluru on Friday, a case of dragging a person on the bonnet of a car for a kilometer has come to light. The CCTV footage of this incident has become increasingly viral on social media. In the viral video, a young man named Darshan is seen sitting on the bonnet of a moving car. According to the information, a woman named Priyanka was driving the car.

According to the police, there was a collision between Darshan’s car and Priyanka’s car on Gyanbharti Main Road in the morning. Police told that both had collided. He told that after the collision, when Darshan came out of his car and tried to stop Priyanka’s car and talk to the people in it, Priyanka increased the speed of the car and fled from there.

5 people have been arrested
Police said that fearing that he might come under the car and get crushed, Darshan jumped quickly and climbed on the bonnet of the car. After this, Priyanka’s car ran for about one kilometer and during this Darshan remained sitting on the bonnet of the car. The police have registered a case. The police officer said that a case has been registered against Priyanka, her husband and another person on charges of attempt to murder and conspiracy in connection with the incident. Along with this, Pramod, the husband of the accused woman, has also filed a complaint against Darshan and his three friends alleging assault and molestation of his wife. The police have arrested five people in connection with this incident.

this has happened before
In a similar incident three days ago, a youth named Sahil dragged 71-year-old Muthappa Shivayogi Thontapur on his scooter. Sahil had rammed the old man’s car and dragged the old man on the road for a kilometer while trying to escape from there. Many people had seen the video of this incident on social media. The Bolero vehicle of publisher Muthappa (71) was hit from behind by scooter rider Sahil and started running when Muthappa tried to stop him. After which the passers-by stopped Sahil and handed him over to the police.

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