Bihar: Minister Alok Mehta had an argument with the SP leader of Up, the caller said – If we were not there, his DNA would have changed


The SP leader of UP, The caller said – If we were not there, his DNA would have changed”/>

Application given for FIR on behalf of Minister Alok Mehta.
– Photo: Amar Ujala


The numbers from which senior Rashtriya Janata Dal leader and Land Reforms Minister Alok Mehta accused of caste abuses and life threats are from Uttar Pradesh. ‘Amar Ujala’ spoke on both. The caller on The number 9648076657 told that “I am in Rae Bareli, I did not call. When Alok Mehta blocked The mobile number 9140245089, Samajwadi leader Deepak Pandey called from my number 9648076657.” It was not threatened. When we talked to Deepak Pandey, he talked about registering an FIR against Bihar minister Alok Mehta as well. Said that “The Brahmins who are talking about ringing The bell or attacking The upper castes, even today, if they do not ask for their votes then it will be a matter. ”

The SP leader said – If you have The courage, do not ask for The votes of The upper castes.

Deepak Pandey, who identified himself as The state secretary of Uttar Pradesh in late Mulayam Singh’s Samajwadi Party, said that The people of The minister have been calling and threatening me continuously since yesterday. Pandey said that if it were not for The 10 percent people who are being attacked by Nitish-Tejashwi’s minister Alok Mehta, this country would not have survived. Said- “Respect every religion. If there is a problem with one person, it is understandable, but if there is a problem with The whole society, clearly say that you will not ask for votes. In your fraternity, if he has done welfare of The people of his caste with his immense wealth, then tell. If you do something for studies, then tell. Let’s talk about caste. They abuse The Savarnas-Brahmins and forget that if we were not there, then what would The unfortunate Mughal, who didn’t have breakfast without spoiling lakhs of sacred thread every day, do with their forefathers and what DNA would those who say this have today! He should become a mature leader because people are behind him. And if you have to open a front, then show courage by jumping into politics against The upper castes. Your boss will snatch The chair and make you sit.

Samajwadi Party workers will get The FIR done

Samajwadi leader Deepak Pandey said that I had called only for clarification. Wanted to know how he could abuse The upper castes like this while sitting on a responsible position. Got The answer on this that “will say, tell me what will you do?” When there was an argument on this matter, The minister stopped taking calls. When I called him from another number, I could not talk to him. Now I am getting information from you that an FIR has been registered on this matter, so his crime is bigger than my argument. Samajwadi Party workers in Uttar Pradesh will file an FIR as a retaliation to such casteist statements.

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