Hpu Shimla: HPU Will Conduct On-screen Evaluation Of Ug First Year Answer Sheets


Himachal Pradesh University
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Himachal Pradesh University is again preparing to conduct on-screen evaluation of answer sheets of one class of UG course. In The academic session 2022-23, questions were also raised on The on-screen evaluation on The poor exam results of The first year. However, after investigation, The university had claimed that this process of evaluation was correct. Now in March 2023, preparations are underway to conduct on-screen evaluation of answer sheets of The first year in The annual examinations of The proposed UG degree course. The final decision on this matter is bound to be taken after The administrative reshuffle in The university. Former Vice Chancellor Prof. During The time of Sikandar Kumar, The university has entered into an agreement with The company. According to The condition, The university will have to scan three lakh answer sheets in a year and get them evaluated on screen.

The University will get The answer sheets evaluated with this new technique after The UG first year examinations. The preparations for which are still going on. It is The compulsion of The university to fulfill this condition. Due to decrease in The number of UG first year students, The university may find it difficult to complete The number of three lakh answer sheets. The university will have to take a decision on this in time. The university administration may have to add one or two more classes for this.

Number of students may remain half in UG first year

Shimla. With The formation of Sardar Patel University, both The universities are preparing to conduct separate examinations for UG first year. In such a situation, The number of first year BA, BSc and BCom students studying in The colleges coming to HPU may decrease from 48 thousand to 24 to 28 thousand. The total number of answer sheets of different subjects of these students hardly remains up to three lakhs.

57 rupees are spent on one answer book evaluation

In The adopted new technique of on-screen evaluation, The total cost from answer sheet scanning to evaluation comes to Rs.57.

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