China and Russia are becoming a threat to the global order : Taiwan – China and Russia are becoming a threat to the global order


Taipei, Aug 26 (AP) Taiwan’s leader said on Friday that China and Russia are posing a “threat to the global order by disrupting the global order” through Beijing’s massive military exercises near her country and Moscow’s attack on Ukraine. .

President Tsai Ing-wen said this during a meeting with US Senator Marsha Blackburn in Taipei. This is the second visit by a US lawmaker to Taiwan after Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi’s visit this month.

Expressing its displeasure over Pelosi’s visit, China held military exercises near the island of Taiwan, in which several missiles were fired and dozens of warships and warplanes took part. Some ships also crossed the midline in the Taiwan Strait, which has long served as a ‘buffer zone’ between the two sides. China considers Taiwan its territory and wishes to control it by military force if necessary.

Beijing has also strengthened its ties with Russia and tacitly supported its attack on Ukraine. “These developments show how autocratic countries have become a threat to the world order by disrupting it,” Sai said.

Referring to the shared values ​​between the two governments, Republican Senator Blackburn from Tennessee, US, said she would continue to work to support Taiwan as an independent nation.

Later in his remarks at the State Department’s Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs, Blackburn also criticized leaders who failed to take the threat of autocratic rulers seriously. He, however, did not reveal the identity of such leaders.

He said Chinese President and ruling Communist Party leader Xi Jinping “will not stop endangering Taiwan’s security simply because it is in the best interest of all.”

“He is not a common leader. And they are not interested in normal reactions or relationships with the rest of the world.”

China considers the visits of high-level foreign representatives to Taiwan as interference in its affairs and as a de facto recognition of Taiwan’s sovereignty. China’s recent military drills are seen by some as a rehearsal of future military action against the island, and US military leadership says an attack could happen within the next few years.


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