The Chinese ambassador attacked India’s objection to the spy ship Yuan Wang 5 coming to Hambantota, saying it was a violation of Sri Lanka’s sovereignty


Colombo: In a veiled attack on India, China on Friday said that the external obstruction based on so-called security concerns without any evidence is a total interference with Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and independence. Referring to India’s objection to China’s ballistic missile and satellite surveillance vessel ‘Yuan Wang 5’ being anchored at the Hambantota port, Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka Ki Zhenhong said in a statement that China was happy that the matter was settled. Beijing and Colombo jointly safeguard each other’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

China did not directly name India in the statement
The statement did not name India directly, but said that external obstructions based on so-called security concerns without proof by some forces are in fact total interference with Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and independence. India rejected China’s allegations that New Delhi had pressured Colombo not to allow a Chinese research vessel to the Sri Lankan port of Hambantota, but India said it would take decisions based on its security concerns. .

India had already rejected China’s allegations
Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said in a media briefing in New Delhi on August 12 that we reject the allegations about India in the statement. Sri Lanka is a sovereign country and makes its own independent decisions. Bagchi said that as far as India-Sri Lanka relations are concerned, you are aware that Sri Lanka is at the heart of our Neighborhood First policy. Significantly, China’s ballistic missile and satellite surveillance vessel ‘Yuan Wang 5’ was to reach Hambantota port on August 11 but it was delayed due to lack of permission from Sri Lankan authorities following India’s security concerns.

China’s spy ship reached Hambantota on August 16
The Chinese ship reached Hambantota on 16 August and remained there for refueling. Sri Lanka allowed the ship to remain in port from 16 August to 22 August with the condition that it would keep the automatic identification system in the Sri Lankan Exclusive Economic Zone and that no scientific research would be conducted in Sri Lankan waters. There were apprehensions in New Delhi that Chinese ship surveillance systems may try to spy on Indian defense installations en route to the Sri Lankan port.

The Chinese ambassador said – it respected the sovereignty of Sri Lanka
The Chinese ambassador said the incident had been properly resolved, which not only protected Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and independence, but also once again protected international fairness and justice. Ki said that diplomatic relations between China and Sri Lanka were established 65 years ago and since then the two have been mutually understanding, respecting and supporting each other on topics of important interests and major concerns. He said Sri Lanka is among more than 170 countries that have strongly supported the policy of ‘one China’ in the backdrop of the visit of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.

Thanked Sri Lanka for agreeing on one China policy
The Chinese ambassador said that I am grateful that Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe and many political parties and social organizations of the country have openly spoken of justice in support of China. Commenting on the 51st session of the UN Human Rights Council to be held in Geneva next month, the Chinese ambassador said Sri Lanka’s human rights record could be questioned there. He said in a statement that China has always supported Sri Lanka in international forums and will continue to do so.

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