Putin Vs Sanna Marin Youngest PM In The World: ‘Instagram Generation’ Threats Of Ineffective War On PM! Know All About Sanna Marin Prime Minister Of Finland Youngest PM In The World Declares To Join NATO Fearless From Putin

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Helsinki/Moscow : A few years ago a journalist asked Sanna Marin if she was going to be the leader of her party, the Social Democrats. He looked at the journalist with astonished eyes as if she were saying, ‘Are you really asking me this?’ In a situation where most politicians hide their ambitions, the Marines were extremely vocal about their intentions. Two years ago, 34-year-old Sana Marine instead of hiding her ambitions fulfilled them and became the world’s youngest prime minister. Sanna Marine has decided that her country will join NATO, regardless of how Russia will react to it. Afraid of Putin, who feared the whole world with the Ukraine war, Marines recently joined hands with Britain in the defense sector. Who is the Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, who intends to join NATO, who is not affected by Putin’s threats? Let’s know…

Recently Finland and Sweden have signed a historic agreement with Britain under which countries will help each other in the event of Russian attack. There is a long land border between Russia and Finland. Finland, being a dangerous neighbour, followed a neutral policy for a long time but the attack on Ukraine changed all the equations. Long before the start of the Russo-Ukraine War, Sanaa Marine said in her New Year’s address that Finland had the right to join NATO and should consider it. Russian media described it as a ‘stab in the back’.

Sana Marine is only 36 years old

Sana Marine’s childhood was full of challenges
Marine was known till now to be the youngest PM, handsome politician and developing policies but the Russian crisis has shown a steely face of him to the world. The childhood of the Prime Minister of a country with a population of 55 lakhs was full of troubles. He was raised by his mother who lived separately from her alcoholic husband. His mother’s next partner was also a woman, so Marine’s childhood was spent among women. This family of three women faced serious financial challenges due to which Sana Marine was forced to take up a job at a young age. Sometimes she worked in a bakery and sometimes distributed magazines.

Decided to join politics while studying
Successes were missing from Sana Marine’s childhood. One of her teachers told the BBC that she was an ‘average’ student. In the last year of her studies, she met Marcus Raikkonen, a professional football player. The two dated each other for 16 years and got married in 2020. Graduating in 2004 at the age of 19, Sana got admission in Tampere University where she studied administrative science. During his studies, he realized that his hard work should not only work for him but also for others, especially the poor and women, and this was the moment when he decided to enter politics.

Denmark India

Sana Marine with PM Modi

Political career started with defeat
She joined the Social Democrats Party in 2006 and served as the party’s Vice President from 2010 to 2012. The Marines’ entry into active politics began with a defeat. At the age of 22, she was defeated in the Tampere City Council election. In 2015, she was elected to the Parliament of Finland from Pirkanama. In 2019, he also won the second election and this time he was given the responsibility of the Minister of Transport and Communications.

Prime Minister of ‘Instagram Generation’
Sana Marin, known as the Prime Minister of the ‘Instagram Generation’, posts pictures of her cooking with her baby on Instagram. Shortly after coming to power in 2020, he got a photoshoot done for a magazine in which he was not wearing anything under the jacket. Instead of putting a negative impact on his image, the fans liked his style very much.

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Battle with Putin, the mastermind of the war
Now they are facing a whole new crisis. In front of them is an aggressive Putin who specializes in laying the chessboard for war. Putin does not care for international law, nor does he fear sanctions or international courts. After being neutral for a long time, now a decision by Sana Marine has stirred Russia. Russia has warned after the announcement of the Marines and said that Moscow may be forced into ‘military action’. Finland is already at risk of stopping gas and electricity supplies from Russia.
‘If only! Putin should die of his cancer’, Russian businessman’s heart filled with hatred for his President, told- Crazy President!
Enemy’s strength was guessed but decided
The danger is that Russia may attack Finland. However, this is unlikely at the moment because Putin’s army is fighting in Ukraine. But if not today or tomorrow this war will end and Putin does not forget his enemies. Finland shares an 800-mile border with Russia. In such a situation, if there was a war, it would be very disastrous. Sana Marine not only knows the strength of her enemy very well, but is also seeing her example in Ukraine, even after this she has made her decision.

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