Famous fashion brands are selling umbrellas worth Rs 1 lakh, but there is no guarantee of saving in the rain!

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Umbrella Not Protecting From Rain : What do you think of seeing an umbrella? Its first task is to protect the person from the rain, then people also use it to avoid the sun. Imagine if you open your umbrella in the rain and it starts dripping, what will be your reaction? Even if you have an umbrella of 100-500, you will lie to the shopkeeper, but two famous fashion brands together are selling a similar umbrella (Gucci Adidas Collaboration Umbrella) for one lakh rupees, which is of no use in the rain.

These fashion brands are also not local, but global level players. We are talking about the top Gucci in the fashion world and Adidas, the leading sportswear brand. These two brands together cheated China (China Social Sites Trolling Gucci-Adidas), which sells cheap goods in the world. This umbrella is being talked about on China’s social media site Weibo at the moment, which is of no use even after spending lakhs of rupees.

Umbrella sucks in the rain
The collaboration umbrella of Gucci and Adidas is creating a ruckus in China. This umbrella is being sold for 11,100 yuan i.e. about 1 lakh 27 thousand rupees in Indian currency. As soon as this hashtag came on China’s social networking site Weibo, it was seen by 140 million people. It is clearly written in the post that the umbrella does not stop the rain, but can be used as a shade and fashion show in the sun. This product is classified as an umbrella only, but it does not have the same qualities as an umbrella.

…so should only show the brand?
This umbrella is made in Italy. It has 8 ribs, which are made on a wooden handle. The look of the umbrella has been completed by wearing green and red colored webs. It has an Adidas logo on top, while Gucci’s on the handle below. According to Gucci’s website – the umbrella is not waterproof, it can be used for sun protection or decoration. Amazing trolling of both the brands is going on in China. People say that why pay money to such a brand, which cannot think practical. Better than this we use local things.

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