Dubai Customs issues customs policy for partnership with India

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Yousef Al Arabi (Abu Dhabi)

Dubai Customs issued Customs Policy No. 54/2022 regarding the terms and controls for implementing the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of India.
According to the customs policy, the obligations arising from the agreement change according to the type of goods that have been divided into nine categories so that these obligations range from removing customs duties, to removing these fees in equal installments within five years, to removing customs duties within ten years.
It is required that those products be shipped directly from one party to the agreement to the other, and the products may be transported through the territory of another party not party to the agreement through transit (transit), and in the event of transit, it is stipulated that they are not subject to other operations other than unloading, reloading, splitting, or operation, in order to preserve it and to remain during this period in the country of transit.
It is required that the products be of the origin of one of the parties to the agreement, and that they are completely obtained in the territories of one of the parties to the agreement, or that they pass sufficient manufacturing or production processes, provided that the products imported from the origin of the Republic of India to the UAE are accompanied by a certificate of origin issued by the Republic of India.
The customs policy clarified that for the purposes of granting preferential treatment, the importer must submit an application at the time of importing the products, and filling in the field designated for exemption in the customs declaration is considered as submitting the aforementioned application.
The customs policy was issued based on Federal Decree No. (23) of 2022 regarding the ratification of the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of India, and based on Cabinet Resolution No. (1/1 F) of 2022, and the letter of the Ministry of Economy dated 4/21/ 2022 and the letter of the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security dated 04/22/2022.
The Agreement shall apply to the territories of the Parties in accordance with their respective constitutions, including their territories, territorial waters, and airspace over them, including the exclusive economic zone and other maritime areas, including the continental shelf over which the Parties enjoy sovereign rights or exclusive jurisdiction in accordance with their applicable laws and regulations. and the rules of applicable international law.

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